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Huge Goal 

It’s been a long time coming but I’m under 400 lbs for the first time in along time.

I got down to 295 lbs back in 2005 but quickly gained it so back and then remained over 400 lbs for years.

I’m doing things different this time and I’m truly trying to make habit changes that stick but I realize that this is going to be a day to day battle for the rest of my life.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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Pokémon Go! 

​Thank you Pokemon Go!

And I seriously mean that…

I realize there are some idiots out there taking the game way too serious or not watching what they are doing or doing other ignorant stuff like trying to play it while driving; but there are some of us who aren’t. 

There are some of us who are responsible adults and we are playing as families and with our kids and it’s a great thing.

There are some downfalls-like I work in a big new office building and since the game is based on GPS and older Google maps information, this new building doesn’t exist AND, on top of that, the GPS signal can’t get through so I can’t set here all day and collect Pokemon, which is a good thing. There is a bad side though, the GPS doesn’t pick up the couple of miles I walk on our inside “track” so I can’t incubate eggs even though I’m getting a ton of exercise. I could do all of my walking outside but it’s really hot and I sweat a lot and I don’t need to set here stinking all day.

With those small complaints out of the way- it’s amazing that I live in a very small town in Kentucky, yet my family saw several other families out hunting Pokemon like we were. They were obese kids actually walking! There were dads out catching Pokemon with the kids…it was just really cool to see.

We hadn’t planned on walking last night but the game got us out of our house/car and out on the sidewalks of our little down; it took us to the park and even places we’ve never been to and it was fun and FREE! I know you can buy items to help with the hunt but those aren’t required.

I know I’ll never be a Pokemon Master and I’ll never overthrow other players to take over gym turf but I will get up off my ass and get some walking and so will my overweight son and that is an amazing thing…even if we just get up and walk around our yard or neighborhood, it’s getting us moving!

If they can keep the game relevant and updated, then this could put a huge dent in childhood (and adulthood) obesity! This game makes exercise fun and you don’t even realize it and it makes you want to exercise more because there are ALWAYS Pokemon out there to catch- either new ones or duplicates to use to level up.

We need more games like this; the Wii tried to get us up and moving but a lot of folks just sat on the couch swinging Wiimotes and not even trying, but this game gets you up and out the door!

Get moving and catch them all! (but be safe!)

– this little guy was out back, knocking over trash cans! 

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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​Let’s Talk Huge Numbers

On Tuesday, I was 418 lbs. and today, I’m 408 lbs- 10 lbs lost in 3 days!! Woo Hoo!!!


That isn’t anything to be excited about; in fact, it’s bullshit and the tactic used to sell you quick weight loss fixes, pills, wraps, etc.

I was 409 lbs. and then the 4 day July 4th weekend hit and I went a bit crazy- didn’t exercise and ate everything I could and when the smoke cleared and I stepped on that scale- I had gained 9 lbs!!!


Again, not true- the scale showed that I was 9 lbs heavier but it wasn’t really legit. I had a ton of food in me and where I was eating bad food (and a lot of it) the salt bloated me up and showed a huge gain. 

I got back on track Tuesday morning with 1600 calories of healthy food, watching my MACROS and killing it with the exercise and BOOM….today, I’m lower than I’ve been since starting.

Now…I could say something like this-

“Give me money and I’ll tell you how I lost 10 lbs in just 3 days!!!”

And that is 100% honest; the scale shows that I dropped 10 lbs in just 3 days…but that weight wasn’t fat- it was undigested food, salt and water.

I’ve actually lost 1-2 lbs over the last 2 weeks and that is because I had such a huge screw up.

So, basically, I’m just saying – “don’t believe the hype”. A steady 2 lbs. lost a week will always beat a quick 10 lbs in 3 days because you get yourself hyped up because you lost so much weight so quickly. You tell yourself that it wasn’t really all that hard and then, when the joyful bliss leaves and reality hits, you get annoyed, aggravated and depressed. When you go 2 weeks and only see a couple pounds lost or even stay the same, you freak out and give up.

I should have lost more than 32 lbs. at this point, but add in my screw ups and I’m doing amazing….I just gotta focus on the consistency and recovering from future screw ups. 

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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I’ll Always Be The Fat Guy 

​I’ll always be the fat guy and that is something most people don’t understand. 

When I walk through malls or stores, I know people are looking at me and thinking “why doesn’t he just eat less” and lord knows what else…they don’t know that I’ve lost 31 lbs. and I’m working out regularly and researching food and trying to figure out how to make MACROS work and what’s good and what’s bad. They have no clue that I usually workout 2 hours a day and that I’m busting my ass to lose weight. 

When I reach my goal of 100 lbs lost (which I will); I’ll still be 340 lbs and folks will still wonder how I let myself go so badly. 

When I lose my final goal of 200 lbs lost (which I will); I’ll still be 240 lbs. and folks will wonder how I make it through life being obese- yep, based on my height, I would still be obese. 

After spending a couple years of working myself to death and changing everything I can and dropping 200 lbs- I’ll still be obese; I’ll still be looked at as the fat guy.

Why is it so hard for people to put years of effort into weight loss…..because even when we lose and win…..we still lose.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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A Tale of Two Fatties

​How about a story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

I’ve always had a weird situation with having two personalities and I think it goes back to my childhood days; I’m named after my dad but he didn’t stick around long so my mom started calling me George. There isn’t a real reason why she picked George…it just wasn’t my dads name.

So…since I can remember, I’ve had people who called me Jerry and people who called me George.

Once Sharky entered, I realized that I was Jerry but there were two sides of Jerry- Sharky and George.

George is the decent guy who believes in the human race; while Sharky literally despises people. We all have our good side and our bad side, mine just seems to be more separated…the problem is, that is showing to be true when it comes to trying to change my life.

I’m like two different people; different as night and day….yet it’s still me.

You have the me that understands how to lose weight and does it- eats perfect, works out, and gets the job done and I honestly feel best when I’m that guy. I track all the food I eat, I keep my MACROs balanced, I walk 3 times a day and then do tons of exercise after work. I check out weight loss blogs, articles, recipes and I try to make it the majority of what I do.

THEN….you have the other me; the me that usually shows up on weekends and holidays and it’s honestly like I’m a different person. Every emotion I have leads me to bad food- if I’m sad or happy; aggravated, annoyed and just celebrating something- it all leads to bad food. I don’t seem to care what I eat or how much; I don’t track anything, I don’t really do much of anything as far as exercise and I probably don’t even drink a glass of water- where the other me is drinking around a gallon a day!

This has been the problem with my weight loss journey my entire life and this month, it’s really shown me that I’m literally two different people.

Maybe it’s the lack of structure at home- I can just eat/drink whatever I want but when I’m at work, I can only eat/drink what I take with me.

The plan was to do great this weekend but that plan got blown to bits; starting Friday and ending last night- but now I’m back to the routine and trying to figure out what the fuck actually happened?

Maybe I don’t really want it as bad as I thought- if I can just allow myself to completely change from one person to another and not even really care while it’s happening. 

I have to figure it out and I’ m afraid it’s going to have to be all or nothing- I can’t be trusted with an off meal or off day and I’m going to have to be strict on my food intake because that is where the problem is- I have to take control of it and not allow for ANY changes to the daily routine. 

No food as celebrations or stress relief; no putting myself in a position to be “out” and “have to eat something”.

The issue is, and always has been, the food- it’s not the exercise- that is honestly a very small percentage when it comes to weight loss….it’s almost ALL THE FOOD.

I can burn 2000 calories in 2 hours of literally killing myself and then turn around and put no effort at all into eating 2000 calories in a Chinese buffet or with pizza, candy, etc. – so, while I’m killing the workout as in going beast mode and working my body like crazy; I then turn around and literally kill all the work!

I’m tired of going back and forth and there is no telling to the permanent damage I’m doing to myself.

At least I haven’t stopped trying to figure out how…

Love,  Peace and Sharkyness