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I’ve been truly successful at weight loss one time in my life and I dropped 117 lbs. I got off track, gained it all a back and failed another thousand attempts.

The reason I was successful the first time is due to food- I ate healthy and limited my portions but over the last decade, I have never been able to do that again…at least, not for a long period of time.

Food is like a drug to me…only worse, because you have to have food to survive- no stopping cold turkey. When you are as big as I am, any exercise is good exercise- any movement will work but it’s pointless if you continue to put in more calories than you burn.

I honestly start almost every day with huge motivation that “today is THE day!” and I walk and do some exercise but I can’t even make it a full day until I’m overeating and any exercise done is just wasted.

So far though, the first couple days of 2017 have been a huge success- I’ve cut way back on the food and hit the bike and started walking again today. I actually made it through 2 full days without going to fast food or going nuts, which is amazing.

My exercise plan is great but my food plan is killing me and I need to change that and my wife and I are truly focusing on doing just that. We have some recipes that we love and know are healthy, we made “Hammer Head Pizza Dough” (recipe in the recipe section) and it was amazing and I’m really trying to look into adding more veggies anyway I can. (it’s mostly just Flat Head Pizza Dough with a little difference and a better name!)

The way I see it- I have a little over a year to “do or die”; in exactly 14 months I will hit 40 years old. 40 years old…I don’t even know what to think or say about that; so much wasted time.

I joined Dietbet and put some money on the line, I’ve got the exercise plan in place and a home gym (AKA Mass Evolution HQ) to complete it. I need to make time to learn about food, cook it and figure out ways to make healthy food that isn’t just going to piss me off when I force it down my throat.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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