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Call Me Scrubachu

I’ve been playing Pokemon for several months now and I’ve noticed one big thing that I would like to throw my 2 Pidgeys in about…..fancy cards.

I watch a lot of Poke Tubers and they love to use the flashy cards- the full arts, secret rares, etc and that is all fine and dandy but it can really throw people off and on top of that, I think some players find it very intimidating and I’m here to tell you…don’t.

The thing to remember is- the amazing looking secret rare Ultra Ball does EXACTLY what the basic Ultra Ball does- there isn’t anything special about it.

Now, if you are talking about cards as a collector, then YES…that gold Ultra Ball means way more…but when it comes down to the actual game- they are identical.

When I first started playing, I would play against someone with some fancy cards and think “I don’t have a chance against someone this good! Look at them there fancy cards!” Then I started beating a lot of them and I quickly understood that they don’t really mean much.

I remember pulling a full art Shaymin EX when I first started and I traded it for tons and tons and TONS of amazing cards…simply because it was full art….while my regular Shaymin does exactly the same ability.

I pulled one of those fancy cards with some of my first packs, before I even knew what Shaymin EX was…..before I even understood 99% of the game- I was completely lost but I had one of the fancy cards and it didn’t make me any better of a player.

I’ve seen some videos calling folks that use the basic stuff – “scrubs”…well then…call me Scrubachu!

The more I watch the folks on YouTube, the more I understand something else….a lot of those folks get tons and tons of FREEBIES for advertising, so while they have 4 secret rare Ultra Balls, there is a very good chance they didn’t really cost them that much out of pocket, while Scrubby over here is trying to pull together $4.19 to get my Pokemon fix from the local Wal-Mart.

The majority of the Pokemon community I have been in contact with are amazing people but there are a few that look down on us age challenged newbies with the scrubby deck of non-gold Ultra Balls and I’m here to say…don’t let them!

Focus on the mechanics of the game and having fun and if you happen to pull something fancy, awesome…but don’t feel bad because that regular art Ultra Ball for a regular art Shaymin EX will still give you more cards in your hand….it’s WHAT you do with those cards that actually matter.

PLUS…on top of all of this- the regular art Shaymin EX just looks better than the FA Shaymin EX anyway!

Here is an analogy for my redneck readers… can have the nicest looking paint job in NASCAR but it doesn’t matter if you can’t drive in a circle.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness!

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