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Are you like me….eh, probably no…did you remove all of the toppings from your pizza as a kid? Did you then feed the crust to your dog, who was named Fugly? Ok…so you are sort of like me but not exactly, but that’s OK. (Yes, my dog was named Fugly. Yes, I was probably 10-ish so that may not have been the best name)

I didn’t make my wife my Sharkette for nothing…she is perfect, in every way and this recipe goes to show it. She didn’t know that I wasn’t a huge crust fan as a kid, yet she found a recipe, tweaked it and came up with a way for us to eat all the best parts of a pizza- and it fits into the keto lifestyle and it taste amazing!

So here is a great recipe- it’s pretty filling and gives you the amazing taste of pizza without all the carbs.

Another low carb option is our “Hammer Head Pizza Dough” which you can find right here…over in the recipe section!

.50 of an onion
.50 green bell pepper
.25 tsp ground black pepper
1 can of peeled tomatoes, diced, no salt added
.50 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 
.50 tsp dried oregano, ground
1.5 cups Mozzarella cheese, shredded
17 slices of turkey pepperoni
16 oz. ground chuck (80/20)
.25 tsp salt

You can also use sausage instead of ground chuck but I have a rough time eating sausage due to some of the seasoning that is in there, so we go with good ol’ cow.

It’s pretty easy, fry up the ground chuck like you were going to make taco meat, cut up the onion and green bell pepper.

Put a layer of ground chuck into a baking dish, then layer on everything else ending with the pepperoni on top.

Pop into a preheated even (400 degrees) and let it cook for about 20-25 minutes and you are good to go.

Ours was a bit watery because we blended the tomatoes into a sauce, and I think that pulled the water out of the tomatoes, but it was still amazing. I’m not a big fan of tomatoes and it’s easier to eat them if I think they are pizza sauce….I’m weird…so what…who cares?

This made 4 servings –

474 calories
33.3g fat
34.4g protein
7.3g carbs (5.8g net carbs)
1.5g fiber 
650.8mg sodium

It also has a lot of other great stuff like vitamin A, C, calcium and iron.

You could use regular diced tomatoes that have more salt since sodium is needed in keto, use regular pepperoni, add mushrooms or whatever else you like on your pizza.


You could just stuff the entire package of turkey pepperoni into your mouth…which is what I do sometimes.

Love, Peace and Sharkness

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