A Day Of Keto

I’m not saying that I’m doing this keto thing perfectly, but based on everything I’ve researched, I think I’m doing it pretty well. (my pee stick also confirms!)

Yesterday was a pretty good day, so I want to break it down just to show what I’m doing and if you see that I’m doing something wrong, let me know in the comments.

My wife makes my coffee and it’s amazing- basically just coffee, heavy whipping cream and some sugar free chocolate syrup stuff. I know that you need to try to stay away from that stuff because your body is still thinking it’s getting sugar and you want to be free of sugar so your body can adjust but you also have to enjoy life so you have to find a good middle.

Some days I also have bacon or eggs for breakfast, but yesterday was just the coffee. The coffee has 200 calories and 20g of fat with about 1g of carb and it’s amazing how it really keeps you full until lunch.

For lunch I had a massive salad with 50/50 blend of spinach and spring mix salad from Simple Truth Organic with some cut up slices of ham, cheddar cheese, cucumber and regular ranch dressing. I ate salad until I was going to puke and it was a little over 500 calories. The MACROs are almost perfect with 9g of carbs, 43g of fat and 25g protein- 7%/74%/19%.

As far as snacks, I had ½ serving of Black Forest Cake Yogurt which is Carbmasters from Kroger for a mid morning snack. I only ate ½ because I honestly wasn’t hungry. I had a can of Vienna sausages when I got home and I had 1 piece of Sugar Free Russell Stovers Peanut Butter Crunch candy.

I need to start limiting myself to one snack, which will keep me in my calorie goal a little bit better. (even though, they tell you not to count calories when you first start keto.)

My wife is beyond amazing and she has been finding new keto friendly recipes and trying them out and so far, I think we have loved them all. Last night, we had Salisbury steak with brown gravy and “Better Than Potatoes” Cheesy Cauliflower.

The Salisbury steaks were basically hamburger patties with some extry stuff thrown in, the brown gravy was just a packet from Kroger- it was a bit high on sodium but that is good with keto.

Now….we’ve tried smashed cauliflower in the past and I’m not a fan and I’m not going to lie to you about stuff- smashed cauliflower is NOT and never will be “better than potatoes”…it’s just not. However, with some cheese and eating it with the steak, it wasn’t bad.

As for drinking, I had 80 ounces of water and 1 diet soda.

I also had my GNC Mega Men Energy and Metabolism daily vitamin, a magnesium pill, iron pill and allergy pill.

As for exercise, I walked three times during the day, 16 times each time for a total of 48 minutes of walking at about a 3mph rate. I also played some basketball with my son for about 30 minutes.

Here are my numbers.

1587 calories (goal is 1400)
776 calories burned
811 net calories
23g carbs
4g fiber
19g net carbs
74g protein
128g fat
10g sugars


6% Carbs (5% goal)
75% Fat (75% goal)
19% Protein (20% goal)

At no point during the day was I hungry.

We are finding foods that are delicious, only going out to eat once per week and keeping that keto friendly as well and we are finding keto friendly recipes for stuff that is loaded in carbs. So far, I haven’t had a craving for high carb food and I feel great. I’m already walking better, clothes feel better and I’ve dropped some weight.

This morning, I was down to 411.8 which is 14 lbs gone in 9 days. I will only be weighing once a week starting this Saturday- I’m only weighing daily right now because this is water weight and you also lose big numbers this first couple of weeks and it’s great motivation.

My biggest problem will be once all the water weight is gone and that weight loss number slows down or even stops. I need to remember to believe in the process, stay committed and be patient.

Being able to eat delicious and filling food will help with that because I don’t feel like I’m torturing myself on this new lifestyle…it’s honestly something I could do for the rest of my life and that is a plus. I can be like “why am I eating bacon, amazing food and not losing weight?? I’m eating this amazing stuff and it’s all for nothing.”

Good luck to everyone and if you ever have any questions or just wanna chat- email me at sharky@sharkysworld.com. I may not have all the answers but I can research and try to help find it for you.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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