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I can’t stay off the scale and I know that is NOT a good thing…however, I am down another 1 lb so that is awesome, after gaining 3 lbs. I’m not really sure what happened, but I’m back down and I feel great.

There are a few things that I need to stop doing- like weighing myself daily and keep track of weight lost in so many days because it’s not a race- it’s a lifestyle change with a goal in mind and it doesn’t matter if I reach that goal in a year or five years…I just need to reach it. That is so much easier to type than to actually do!

With that said, such a huge turn around is pretty awesome and it even impresses me- I’m down 18 lbs. in 16 days and I feel 100% better! The weight loss will slow but I’m hoping the way I feel doesn’t change.

Here are a few changes – 

1.      Just two weeks ago, I was having trouble walking two laps around my office building; my feet hurt really bad, it was hard to walk sometimes and they would constantly throb- even if I was just setting on the couch, my feet would just kill me. Now, I’ve noticed about 90% less pain and I’m walking 4 laps/3 times per day (about 2.5 miles) and I could walk a few more if I had enough time on breaks/lunch.

2.      My pants are already getting really loose and I have to keep pulling them up- there were getting snuck, guess it’s time to find (or buy) a belt!

3.      My watch is really loose, it keeps sliding around my wrist. It was getting snuck as well, I tried moving up a hole but that was still just a bit too tight but it’s starting to get annoying.

4.      I’m getting up early and doing fasted cardio, were before my wife had to practically push me out of bed to get me to wake up and, even then, I usually feel asleep on the toilet or standing in the shower.

5.      I’m getting to work on time! I’m getting up early, hitting the bike and getting out of the house a little quicker. I’m not doing backflips out of the bed but I am getting up, so that is a huge plus.

6.      I’m overall happier- I have a situation that is causing me a lot of stress but I’m not allowing it to push me towards food, like I have in the past. 99% of my life is beyond awesome but that 1% is an extremely stressful situation and I would use ANY excuse to run to food. If someone looked at me wrong, I would “need to just go get fast food.” We’ve went out to eat twice so far- once was Buffalo Wild Wings and we didn’t get fried pickles and the other was Wendy’s where we got two double stacks with no ketchup and removed the buns. Honestly, I haven’t even felt the need to do that…if I get stressed, I know I can munch down on some bacon or sugar free candy and that seems to be enough.

I honestly think this time is different because there is no cheat meals/days- there is no “trying to allow myself one hit of my addiction”, thinking I can control it. This is just a constant change that I can live with.

I’ve been doing a lot of research and I hear some people saying that keto isn’t healthy and you could temporarily lose our hair but I’m already permanently losing my hair and I’ve been morbidly obese for 99% of my life…so I’m pretty sure this is healthier than that.

I’m not a DR but I know this seems to be working better than anything else I’ve tried in the past and that is good enough for me- I’ll take actual results over opinions any day.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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