18 Days of Keto

Another day and another pound gone.

I’ve been pretty successful getting up early this week and doing fasted cardio. I’m doing a 16/8 fast and eating my first meal at 12:30 for lunch and going to 8:30. I’ve started using the MCT oil but only went with .25 of a serving because I read you have to start super slow but I didn’t feel anything- no upset stomach or other issues, so today I’m going to go ahead and up it to .50 of a serving and test that out. I’ve also started drinking chicken/beef bouillon to get some extra sodium to help out with leg cramps; it’s actually pretty yummy! It taste like eating Ramen noodles but without the noodles.

I noticed that since I’ve start eating a lot more “red” meat and less “lean” meat, I’ve actually been getting tons of iron, so I stopped taking my iron pill as well. I had issues before with a deficiency but that’s because I basically only ate chicken and turkey. I also decided to stop taking the potassium after reading some major concerns with it. I’m going to find other ways to get more through my food.

Here are some totals and some good stuff to help keep me motivated!

18 full days on keto.
21 lbs dropped- from 425.8 to 404.6 (my highest weight was 440.8…so really, 36 lbs. lost total)

I feel great, it’s been easier to get up early and I have noticed some more energy. I have also come to realize that we need to only buy sugar free candy on the weekends because I can’t be trusted with it in the house.

Today, I’m wearing pants that are a smaller size- they are a bit snug but they wouldn’t even button before, so that is a step in the right direction. ALSO, my favorite red button up shirt will not only button now but it will actually wrap around past the buttons!!!

I still feel motivated and amazing! Great food- last night we had 2 Angus burgers (no buns)- I made one with mustard, sugar free pickles and reduced sugar ketchup for that classic American burger feel and then the other I put a couple pieces of bacon, some blue cheese crumbles and a little Worcestershire sauce and they were amazing!!! I got the feel and taste of hamburgers without the carbs.

So far….this entire thing has been positive.

The problem is, the wife’s weight really isn’t moving and that is an issue with all diets/healthy lifestyles…it’s just harder for girls to lose weight, which is probably why they are sexier chubbier…but that’s just my preference. The female body is WAY more complicate then us guys and that really does suck.

Please remember, again, I’m not telling YOU to do what I’m doing because it may not work…the wife is eating the same stuff I am, usually less and not having the same success. You have to test out things and figure out what works for you…I’m just posting what I did and my success, please understand that this isn’t your typical success…there are several factors- guys lose faster, I’m extremely morbidly obese, I made a drastic change overnight- you may not lose any weight at all and you may lose some and stall- just don’t give up. After doing all the research, reading tons and tons of articles and actually doing it myself, I really think this is the best way to go.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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