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It seems I’ve spent most of my life trying to hit that 399 lbs. mark and I’ve done it several times, only to gain it all back plus some and head back to the drawing board.

I’m 2.5 lbs. away from that mark again…so what makes this time different?

Back in 2006, I reached 295 lbs. (starting from 412.8 lbs.) and I was the lowest weight of my entire life but I was doing a “diet” and I was trying to force myself to eat stuff I didn’t like and even though I was at my lowest weight, I was probably my unhappiest. I’ve been with my wife since 2003 and we had our son in 2006 and life has been amazing since the day I saw her…but I was unhappy with my lifestyle and that isn’t a good way to live. I started slacking and it was quickly all over and I was back into the 400’s in no time.

Then I stopped and asked…how???

I tried several times after that…in Oct 2014, I hit 399 lbs. again….and gained it all back.

In July 2016, I again hit that 399 lbs. mark but I just couldn’t continue doing because I hated it and I quickly gained it all back and hit my highest of 440 lbs.

On Jan 1, 2017…I decided to try again because I’m no quitter and I lost weight again….only to start gaining it back- but this time, I caught it and fought my heart out and never let myself get over back over 425 lbs but I could tell that I was about to go over because I just couldn’t force myself to do that anymore. I was unhappy and I loved food too much.

I’ve always been against weight loss surgery and swore that I would rather die than take the route…however, once I started realizing I was losing control again, I started talking to my wife and considering starting the process.

My wife’s friend is going through the process and there is a diet that you have to do for a few months before they will consider you for the surgery and she was super nice enough to give us a copy of it….it didn’t take long to realize that it was keto.

My wife and I decided to try the diet because if I was going to get weight loss surgery, I would have to prove I can change my lifestyle.

On April 17th, my first weigh in was at 425.8 lbs. and I decided to honestly give this a shot…to learn how and why it works and to stick with the process. That was only 3.5 weeks ago and I’m down 23 lbs. and I’m no longer considering weight loss surgery….why? If I can lose the weight this way….then why would I even consider it?

I can say, this journey to that 399 lbs. mark has been, by far, the easiest and happiest I’ve ever tried! I get to eat the foods I love and there is a keto friendly version for just about anything you can think of. I don’t feel tortured or stressed and I’m starting to really feel the energy and happiness that comes along with keto.

This time is different because of the way I feel…so when I hit that 399 lbs. mark…I’m going to be extremely happy because I truly believe it’s the last time I’m truly over 400 lbs. and I don’t think I’ll ever return there.

This is a process that I can stick with, through the weight gain and through the plateaus because I don’t feel like I’m doing all this work for nothing and I don’t have to stress about the day I lose control- even if you lose control on keto…it’s not really losing control.

Everything comes in moderation but if you have that day where you just stay hungry all the time and you load up on eggs, bacon or whatever…you still haven’t added any carbs so the damage is minimal and you can just continue on….it’s amazing.

I’ve read stories where keto just doesn’t work for some people and I understand that it’s harder on women and I’m truly sorry for that because it’s not far and I hate shoving my success in anyone’s face that is having a hard time; but at the same time….this is a change that I’ve never felt in my 20+ years of trying to lose weight…it’s a process and lifestyle that I can truly embrace.

Best of luck to everyone!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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  1. By Pamela J Jewel on

    I have been thisclose to the 199 mark so many times. This will be the time!


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