Quest Protein BBQ Chips

I see a ton of folks on YouTube doing food reviews and, sometimes, it makes me want to punch them.

You will see them setting there, opening up a product and then eating/drinking it and you get to just set there and watch them chew or swallow- usually shaking their head up and down and making stupid looking faces like their taste buds are putting on a show. I usually skip to the middle so I don’t have to watch that crap.

I don’t think people want to watch you eat or drink….they just want to know about the product and what you thought of it- there is no need to video that, unless, it’s for a weird food eating fetish porn site…but then again, they probably don’t really care about the MACROS though.

So….since the wife and I are trying some new things and changing everything about the way we eat, I wanted to review some of the new stuff we are trying.

First up- Quest Protein Chips! (bag looks rough because we rolled them up and tried them at two different times…to be scientific and shit.)

This is the ONE thing I’ve actually been missing, hitting up the store for a big of chips…we just can’t find a good replacement. I saw someone talking about this and I had really high hopes. I did some researching and found that our small town Wal-Mart actually carried them and there is a reason why we never found them- they are in the weight loss pill section of the pharmacy!

I have no interest in weight loss pills so I don’t really go into that area much…I figured chips would be with chips…but NOOOOOO!

We also found some Atkins “candy bars” which I’ll do a review of later.

We picked up BBQ flavor and Sour Cream and Onion- we’ve only tried the BBQ so I’ll break this up into two reviews.

The first thing I noticed was the $3 price tag and this wasn’t a full sized bag of chips, it’s one of those little bags like you get in the checkout lane; the little $1 bags of Lays…1 1/8th oz or 32 grams. Don’t be deceived…the bag is barely full so I can tell you now, unless they taste like chips dipped in solid gold, they are overpriced for me.

The bag says there is 21g of protein and only 2g net carbs with 4g fat so the keto MACROs aren’t there either…but they are soy and gluten free! (woohoo!) The bag also says that these are “chips, evolved!”…they claim to “completely change the chip game” and that “Quest has finally made a delicious, crispy chip that lets you #CrunchClean.”

Well…now I’m pumped up!!! They done changed the chip game playa!!!

We popped the bag open and they smelled amazing! They look like Lay’s Baked Chips but, sadly, they do not taste like them…nor do they taste even close to a potato chip.

At first, they taste like eating crunchy air covered in BBQ sprinkles…then they have the feel of wet thin cardboard, like the back of a notebook…not that I’ve ever eaten that. Then they have a bad, chemical type after taste.

We ate a couple to get the full feel and flavor and quickly realized, not only were they already almost gone but there were only a few “chips” on top and the rest were really small crumbles.

This could just be the way the bag was handled during shipping/stocking, etc…maybe the chips got crumbled but there were seriously only 5-6 actual chips.

We honestly ended up throwing the rest away- Quest hasn’t changed the chip game; they didn’t even make it to the playoffs- these things are terrible and way overpriced.

Fintastic or nah?

These are differently – NAH!

Don’t waste your money on these things and if you are someone who likes them- you may need to make a DR appointment because your taste buds have a terrible disease.

I’ll write up a little review for the Sour Cream and Onion once we try them, but after this bag I’m tempted to just throw them away.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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