Bacon Jerky

You guys every seen Bacon Jerky??? Some favorite foods on keto is bacon…and jerky….and now, it’s TOGETHER!!!


Time for another Fintastic or Nah?

We were looking for some decent jerky to snack on, which isn’t as easy as it seems because most jerky has sugar and a little more carbs than I’m willing to waste. I’m staying around 15-20 for the day, so giving up 8 on a few pieces of jerky just isn’t worth it…however, we found this stuff and it has 2.5g carbs for half of the bag (which isn’t exactly full) but it seemed like a decent snack for the wife and I, while we were out shopping.

This stuff is made by Jack Links and claims to be 100% Real Bacon and that is basically what it is!

It’s basically a bag of bacon but not amazing bacon…sort of bacon that you cooked a few days ago and left in the fridge and it lost it’s crispiness and some of it wasn’t cooked long enough and it was more “fatty” pieces as well. We weren’t really sure why it was considered “jerky” and not just a bag’o’bacon.

The taste wasn’t great (like I said…old bacon) but it wasn’t terrible, because…HEY…it’s still bacon!

The other problem is the serving size…2.5 servings, who the hell wants half of a serving of old bacon? If you are splitting this as a snack, it throws everything off because you are actually getting 1.25 servings. It’s pretty easy to scan into MyFitnessPal and just change the serving size to 1.25 to see what you are really getting but that is beside the point…make servings sizes EVEN!

SO…here is the breakdown of 1.25 serving-

150 Calories
2.5g Carbs
10g Fat
13.8g Protein

This doesn’t exactly fit into keto MACROS- for this, they are 6C/58F/36P which is way off- you would need to add a cheese stick or something to up the fat grams and even things out.

On top of that, it just wasn’t much food for the MACROS.

Add the fact that it wasn’t great, doesn’t fit into keto MACROS very well, and was about $4 for the bag, which was less than half of the way full, it’s not looking great.

So- Fintastic or Nah?

A big fat NAH! It wasn’t even close!! The only good thing about this stuff is that it’s still bacon and even a small amount of highly overpriced, old, undercooked bacon is still, technically bacon.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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