What Is A Month

I had official weigh in’s on Mondays….so this Monday was the 4 week mark…but I started on April 17thand todays is May 17th….so which should be considered “a month”? Is 4 weeks a month or is it from date to date?

On my 4th week weigh in, I was up 2 lbs.- I didn’t agree with it but I figured it’s because I had gone over my calorie goal and fat goal on Saturday and Sunday with a ton of snacking and I just didn’t feel like I could stop eating.

Then, yesterday, I was back to 403.8…which is exactly where I was last week….so that 2 lbs gained was gone.

Last night…I was STILL at 403.8? All the food and water from the day hadn’t added a single ounce. I mowed last night which is the most exercise I’ve gotten all month- it about killed me but I got it done and I was wore out!

My calories yesterday were perfect and my MACROS were perfect….I woke up this morning and BOOM!!! Under 400 lbs for the first time in a while…BUT….

…there was a problem- the scale said anything from 390 to 401. I usually weight 3 times and take the 2 that match because there is always a small difference but this morning, I just couldn’t get the scale to decide. After several attempts, there was one number that it landed one twice…so I’m going with that one. We just put a new battery in not too long ago so I’m not sure what was going on…however, I’m going with the number I got twice!

I started Sharketo on April 17th and it’s been a month (or has it?) I was weighing daily for the first month but only counting my weights on Mondays. Now that I’ve had a huge weight loss the first month…which was expected, I’ve decided to not weight again until June 17th…which will be really hard on me but I need to do it for my mental stability.

 I know that the 2nd month, the weight loss will drop drastically and it will fluctuate up and down by huge numbers and I just can’t go through that roller coaster…that is what always leads me to give up.

Today’s number may be a few lbs. of because I’m not sure what to believe…however, I’m going with it…ending the month on a high note and going into the 2nd month with some motivation!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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