Shark And Bake

One of the problems on Sharketo is finding that CRUNCH! We found quick way to add it to things and give it that “fried” feel…you could to this with chicken and get the feel of having fried chicken but we decided to throw it on some pork chops and it was amazing!

It’s really pretty simple- crunch some pork rinds up, dip the pork chop/chicken/etc into the egg to get a wet coating and then roll it into the pork rinds and back at 425 degrees for 15 minutes and then turn them over for another 15. (Chicken may take longer to cook.)

The pork chops had a great outside crunch and they were super juicy and amazing inside.

The secret is, we added flavoring to the egg before you dip the pork chops/chicken, which gives it a nice flavor glaze- this time we used Brown Sugar Bourbon seasoning with no carbs.

You could also use flavored pork rinds like BBQ or Hot and Spicy or any type of seasoning- the pork rinds didn’t really have a flavor and it honestly tasted like BBQ Shake and Bake- which is loaded with carbs!

I know we didn’t invent this recipe but it’s actually something we tried and will continue to do so I wanted to share it!

You do need to remember that it’s no carbs, decent fat but a lot of protein so add something with fat to even things out.

Love, Peace and Sharkness

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