Good News – Bad News

Good News – On Monday, my official weigh in day, I was down to 392.8 lbs…which is a loss of 33 lbs. while on Sharketo and 48 lbs. total. I’m still feeling pretty motivated, still enjoying the Sharketo lifestyle and still seeing decent results.

Bad News – Next Monday, I will probably be WAY up.

Not only have I been non-stop snacking (still staying below 20 carbs!) plus there is some stress going on in life right now. I think my calorie intake yesterday was around 2200…which is about 700 OVER where I want to be but man, I LOVE Nestle’s sugar free chocolate chips…and the new Chomp Beef Stick (made with only grass fed cows for all you keto elitist!)

Maybe I’m snacking because of the stress or maybe I’m just going to have an off week…I’m not sure.

So…on to the stress of the week.

I grew up in the project- on welfare and food stamps. I stood in line to get gov’ment cheese and those solid white cans of pork with just the black outline of a pig on them. When I started high school, my mom got on section 8 and we got to move into a house but when I graduated, she moved back to the projects. I moved out on my own- right into the projects (income based housing) and lived there until I met my amazing wife and we moved into an apartment together. Then we rented a duplex…then we moved into the house that we are in now and we have rented that place for about 8 years.

Yesterday….we signed a contract to make an offer on a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom brick home…to actually buy it and it be OURS. Now, there are a tons of things that can go wrong- the buyer could deny the offer (although it’s basically for asking price) or the house could not meet inspection/appraisal but whether we get the house or not isn’t really the issue- I mean, it’s the issue causing the stress because we both really love the house and it’s perfect for what we want. Not only is it 3 bedroom but a huge chunk of the basement is “finished” which is basically a huge 4thbedroom that will become the home off of Sharkfin, Inc and Commons4Kids.

There is also a basement that will become the new Sharketo Dojo as well…with room for my weights, boxing stuff, bike and exercise equipment…a place that I can go, anytime, blast some music and workout.

The house is perfect for us and if we get it…it will be amazing. If we don’t, it will be a little heart breaking but we will be no worse off than we are right now…still…buying your first home is pretty stressful.

The main issue I’m trying to lay out is- a boy that was raised in the project on welfare and food stamps has worked his way up to the point of having a nice car, decent job and making an offer to buy a home, of course…my wife and I did it together but the point is- you should always work your ass off to better yourself.

If we get to buy a home and we continue to bust our ass, our son will be in a much better place than my wife or I ever were.

Keep fighting guys!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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