Dear Christians

Let’s, for a moment, be on the same page. I, as an atheist, will put myself in your shoes and agree with your beliefs- there is a god…but not any of the other thousands of gods….only YOURS.

I keep seeing people like Kirk Cameron or random preachers yelling about how all of these hurricanes and earthquakes are god’s punishment for things like abortion, gay people or just not being humble enough and I wonder, why can’t it be the other way around?

Remember- we both now believe in Yahweh…so why can’t he be creating all of this chaos due to things like electing someone like Donald Trump to lead us? Why can’t the hurricanes be getting stronger and stronger because he is getting madder and madder that we continue to allow racism to march in the streets, disguised as “freedom of speech?”

Here is a better idea- maybe god created hurricane Harvey to give Christians a chance to show the world their values and to be the light in such a terrible storm…but then people like Joel Osteen let him down, so he created hurricane Irma to give them a second chance? Another shot to do the right thing?

Maybe god sees the way we are closing abortion clinics and treating women like second class citizens, the way we hate each other for our difference or the way we let our government control who can/can’t love each other (and get a tax break for it).

I find it funny that we both now agree that god exists yet we each use the “wrath of god” to further our agendas- yours of control and hate and mine of love and acceptance.

Maybe god sees that we are destroying the planet he created…we’ve realized how and why yet we continue to refuse to stop and ignore things like global warming, so he’s decided to step it up and help us destroy his creation even quicker?

That was fun…but back to reality. Claiming hurricanes are punishment from a god due to people not following YOUR agenda is beyond insane and shows how screwed up your head is- to ignore that this stuff is not only normal but continues to intensify based on climate issues is the exact reason things continue to get worse and worse…and the answer is to pray.

Pray for Texas, Pray for Florida….pray for this and pray for that and keep pushing outdated, idiotic fairy tales.

If you believe in god, maybe you are misreading his messages…but if you don’t, maybe you are just as tired of the bullshit as I am.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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