YouTube Star?

Those that know me know that I love YouTube- #Logang4Life. I have several favorites from folks like Logan Paul to DramaAlert to Billy the Fridge to Boogie2988 and even Philly D! (Plus several Pokemon players as well – YellowSwellow and Omnipoke)

I sometimes get the question- why don’t you have a YouTube channel…well, I do…but I haven’t really posted on it for years and probably never will and that reason is very simple – “I have a face for radio and a voice for blogging.”

I’m not attractive and I sound really stupid…so I post the written word instead. (I don’t have an editor so it’s usually pretty bad- from grammer to just using the wrong word.)

See what I did there….

Well, how will you ever reach your goal of being famous????

That is the key- I have no goal of being famous- I have a goal of being heard and letting others out there know that there are people that see the world the same as they do. I remember going to church as a kid because not believing was never an option for me…it didn’t think it was an option for anyone.

Not standing for the anthem? Speaking your mind? Not believing in fairy tales? Thinking Cubone could be an amazing Pokemon? I didn’t realize a person could do ANY of that when I was a kid and that is a huge regret for me.

I also write because I enjoy it, it helps relieve stress and it puts someone out there that doesn’t fit in line with your social norm and it allows for others like me to feel more comfortable speaking out.

The final reason is pretty simple- blogs make us smarter. Just watching stuff on tv/YouTube is making us dumber- me included…some videos are full of valuable information but most are just of idiots blowing money on stupid stuff- money that could be used to make the world a better place- and we mindlessly watch…like I said, me included!

I think writing/reading is good for the world…speaking your mind is good for the world….being YOU is good for the world and this is a way for me to offset some of the ignorance that fills my head from other places.

I don’t want to brag but I can honestly say that there are people all over the entire world that know who I am based on my charity work and I would much rather be known for that. From most states to Japan, Australia, Italy and the United Kingdom!

I do get a lot of comments from people telling me they enjoy some of the stuff I write…or it’s well written or well said and that makes me just as happy as being famous…if I can do that without an editor, wonder “how much gooder I could writez” if I had one?

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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