My Reason

I’ve been sitting here thinking
Where do I go next
What do I do with my life
What does the future hold for me
I stand for what I believe in
And will never back down
If what I write pisses you off
Should I stop to make you happy
Give up my love, give up my life
To satisfy your beliefs
I have learned in my short life
To stop worrying, to stop caring
So If I piss you of, good
I write to get emotion from people
The is how I get joy from what I do
If it makes you cry, If it pisses you off
If you read something that I have written
And cant help but to smile
For a true poet, money means nothing
The more people that I can get to read my stuff
The more successful I become
And yet I know that with success will come criticism
Trying to analyze every word that I have written
Trying to turn every word wrtten against me
It’s not easy for the world to enjoy someones thoughts
Without trying to make them fit their own thoughts

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