I am the traitor this homie warned you about.

With all the crap I read and saw about EA and the new Star Wars Battlefront II, I decided not to buy it- and that last exactly a day.

NO- I don’t believe EA really cares about the players and I’m sure the micro transactions will return and it will become a “pay to play” nightmare like it was and I’ll continue to be one of the worst shooter players to ever live- things don’t change.

It’s the same reason I broke down and bought Call of Duty WWII- I always buy the Call of Duty games I know this and it doesn’t matter that I’m terrible- I highly enjoy them.

I’m not of a gamer and I rarely have free time to get too deep into a game but I love quick multiplayer games where I can just run around and shoot people (and mostly die.) I don’t put too much worry into it because it’s a stress reliever.

I popped Battlefront II in and was instantly hooked and spent more hours playing that game the last two days than I have playing my Xbox One in probably the last year and that is straight up honesty.

Sure, I get killed a lot in multiplayer but I’m better than I thought and the game is amazing from gameplay to graphics. The star cards took a little getting used too but it wasn’t that hard and after playing for about 2 days, I’m pretty close to already unlocking Darth Vader.

Sure, some of the heroes are locked but most are not- Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Yoda…all UNLOCKED from the moment you start.

It’s going to take a ton of time to get the star cards for the characters I want but that isn’t a bad thing…I mean, you get to actually PLAY the game and rank up.

After I checked all that out, I jumped into the actual campaign and got blown away and I’m working my way through it and I have NO complaints.

I’ve read that it’s way too easy but you get to choose your level of difficulty and since I’m not a hardcore gamer, I went easy and I’m getting to enjoy the game- it’s almost like being a part of a Star Wars movie.

The story is good, the graphics are amazing and the game play is just flat out fun and addicting.

So- is it worth the $60?

This is where I think gamers have gotten spoiled….I mean, was Pac-Man worth the hundreds (if not thousands) of quarters you put into it? To stand in an arcade and play?

Isn’t throwing quarters into a game just to play it once or for a few minutes almost the same as micro transactions? And after all that money was gone, you walked out of the arcade empty handed.

I now own a great game that I get to play for literally YEARS…as much as I want- anytime- in the comfort of my own home for way less than it would have costed me in quarters and way more convenient.

No- I’m not on EAs side here but let’s be honest…we all aren’t hardcore games who have to unlock every single thing in a game or think that we should get hours and hours of game play for just a few bucks…I remember the stacks and stacks of quarters that I put into that Pac Man table at pizza hut and this is WAY more fun!

I’m not a game reviewer and I can tell you if you should or shouldn’t buy this game but I will tell you that I freaking love it- honestly one of my favorite games and one that I see me playing for a long time and actually finishing- my first since Super Mario that is worth the money for me.


May The Love, Peace and Sharkyness Be With You

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