Still Training

Sharketo training is hard. Dems R Da Facts.

We haven’t given up…I’ll never give up trying- we had three great days on Sharketo and I dropped 12 lbs of pure water weight and then we screwed up, which has led to a few days of screwing up. Yesterday wasn’t terrible but then my son had his first band concert and then we went to Wendy’s after and I just don’t want to pay that much for a burger without the bun because the bun is the best part!

No giving up though…back on track today. I drank my coffee, had an Atkins bar and now I’m downing water. I’m taking small steps to try to get back into a daily routine but December isn’t really an easy time to make changes.

Still…no excuses. I decided when I start writing about my weight loss that I wanted to be honest and show the true ups and downs that most of us face- not that “I lost 100 lbs in a month” before and after picture- those don’t seem all that motivating.

Weight loss is one of the hardest thing you will ever have to do because you have to face your addiction daily…you have to build up control and you can’t just quit. It’s so much easier than a drug addiction and I know folks will get pissed at that but it’s the truth.

Could you quick cocaine if you had to have just a little to survive and then, every time you did ANYTHING from celebrating with co-workers to having date night, you had to be around people doing all the cocaine they wanted and it’s right there for you too but you have to just have a small amount or go with the diet cocaine? You would NEVER make it…plus, those of use losing weight can’t say “100 days without food!”

Addiction is hard to beat but you can’t beat food, you have to adapt and control it and that makes it a million times harder.

I will become a Sharketo Master and I will drop this weight, if it’s the last thing I do….and it could very well be.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness!

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