2018 And Beyond

2018 is going to be a huge year for me; it’s going to be a time for change and to reflect and to enter the final stage of life.

Honestly, I never expected to still be living at this age- I look at life in 3 20 year sections and I will soon be entering my final 20 years. (anything over 60 is just bonus levels.)

I spent my first 20 years learning about the world around me – the opinions, ideas, beliefs and values of the people that inhabit this big floating rock with me.

I spent my next 20 years telling those folks how wrong and fucked up they were and trying to spread knowledge and reality to those who simply weren’t aware or wanted to twist things to fit their belief system.

My final 20 years is going to be a time to reflect…a time to enjoy life and focus on things that make me happy.

I’ve been working the last little bit to set up a way for me to do that- a way to write about what I want and to focus on things that make me happy and will allow me to live a pretty decent end of life.

I know- you have those folks who seem to think I’m still “young”, but based on reality- they are wrong. I’ll be hitting 40 years old and if I hoped to hit the average life expectancy, then I would be considered middle aged but there is no thought of that.

If I don’t get healthier now, I will probably only have 10 years or less and if I do finally get healthy 20 more years seems to put me at my goal…so this is past mid-life.

It could be rude but I find myself worrying less and less about others and more about myself. When it comes to things like religion, I understand that there is nothing left to debate- if you still believe in ancient myths; that is your problem and in this age of knowledge being all around you, it’s a problem you have chosen to continue to thrive.

I stopped “debating” religion and politics awhile back- it simply is that way it is and I don’t have time to hit you with facts, evidence, etc to back up my points- I’ve already done that a million times and it’s all there.

Things like –

If you voted for Trump then you either aren’t a good person or very uneducated in the situation.

If you still believe in gods- any of them- you are either brainwashed or very uneducated in the situation.

If you still judge people based on their skin or sexual preference- you are a bad person with shitty morals.

Things like those are facts- I don’t care how “good” a person you are- how nice or how much money you donate to charities…you have shitty morals and the world would be better if you weren’t here.

Why waste my final 20 years focused on educating you?

Now, I’m sure I’ll hop on my private Facebook and still post things from time to time, like how Christmas has nothing to do with Christ and is just a stolen holiday, how Columbus was a piece of shit or how your hypocrisy shows every time you open your fucking mouth….doing that still makes me happy.

I want to focus a large amount of time towards my wife and son, writing stupid shit, video games, Pokemon- some photography and just focus on hobbies that make me happy. (and finally figuring out Sharketo friendly food that the wife and I can actually stick with long term!)

I spent 40 years thinking that food made me happy, only to realize it’s what has made me miserable most of my life. That is an old habit to break/change but I have to and my wife and I are working on it daily. Maybe I’ll have a candy bar today but I have to learn to have more good days than bad.

So…be prepared for more shit that you probably aren’t into- if you can’t tell me why Zoroark GX is so good right now, then you will probably start seeing a lot of crap you aren’t interested in.

I’ve tried to just stop with religion and politics but I can’t because someone has to call them out on their bullshit but I really want to focus on it less and keep it on my personal FB and not a very big part of SharkysWorld.

I’ve never kept a New Year’s Resolution- which is why I no longer make them. With that said, I do want to make 2018 full of less stress and more happiness.

2018 needs to be more about…

…Love, Peace and Sharkyness (…and Pokemon.)

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