Rejoice For Revival

Revival has come.

I’ve been an Eminem fan for as long as I can honestly remember…since the first time he told the world he didn’t give a fuck and today is a great day for me.

I just finished Eminem’s new masterpiece- Revival and it’s amazing.

I’ve read a few reviews and it seems that the media doesn’t like the work and seems to focus more on “wake beats” than the story- the lyrics…the fucking message.

While some Eminem songs are just to goof around or bump in your car he’s always been about lyrics and this album is LOADED with exactly what our country…our world needs right now.

Maybe we don’t need another “bomb beat from Dre” to “keep their heads ringing” or bouncing…maybe we need more white people speaking up and spitting truth.

Maybe we don’t need more trunk rattling bass but more brain rattling lyrics because that is what Eminem has always been known for and that is why he’s a fucking icon.

Let’s break it down song by song-

WALK ON WATER – I can admit when I first heard this song that I wasn’t a fan- I can’t stand Beyonce and the flow just felt weird but the more I listen to it, the more it becomes one of my favorites. It has a more “spoken word” feel instead of actual rap but it’s a great first single to really get you into the mood for what he’s going to hit you with for the next hour plus.

BELIEVE – it continues with the weird rhyme flow but it’s simply there to explain to you that even though it’s been awhile, he’s still Eminem and he’s still the best there has ever been. Do you still Believe?

CHLORASEPTIC – just a typical Eminem song- there isn’t much to say really- still on the same level he’s always been on. Great lyrics with some added raunchiness.  This song just proves that no one else can match him.

UNTOUCHABLE – THIS. This is what our country needs right now and it’s amazing; he says exactly what needs to be said. The album could only contain this song and it would still deserve a standing ovation. By far, the best song on the album and every person on this planet should be forced to listen to it.

RIVER – Eminem and Ed Sheeran…amazing. I’ve always been a fan of Sheeran as well and they just flow perfectly together. The song is about cheating and with the rapping flow mixed with the chorus gives it a feel like a good/bad situation. The rapping gives you that “so what” feeling and the singing gives you almost a feeling of regret. Of course, it’s not just about the cheating part but the consequences as well.

REMIND ME – samples “I Love Rock N Roll” perfectly. Reminds me of some of the last album and the 80s guitar just makes it’s a great song to blast. His normal flow is back and just reminds you of one of the goofy, rhymes come from everywhere Eminem songs.

LIKE HOME – Another song that our country needs right now to show the world that you can still be American and still love this country but be anti-Trump. You can still be proud of our country but still admit that it’s a far way from perfect and things need to change. 

BAD HUSBAND – One of my least favorites because it’s really personal- it basically continues the story of Eminem and Kim- the real life roller coaster that we’ve been on since he dreamed of killing her and stuffing her in the trunk. It’s a total different take on the situation and really shows the growth when you compare it to the beginning of the story.

TRAGIC ENDING – about a bad relations that ends in a tragic ending; it feels like it’s the opposite story of “Love The Way You Lie”. Just the hopelessness of being unhappy in a relationship but still loving the person and willing to die for them.

FRAMED – typical Eminem- kidnapping, killing….even Ivanka Trump isn’t safe. This is the type of song that Republicans/Conservatives want you to think about when it comes to him- I’m sure they will be quoting it at some point.  Also has that weird accent that he uses from time to time.

NOWWHERE FAST – a beautiful explanation of the way to live life, especially the way the world is today. “We are just ashes blowing in the air…” – in the end, none of this really matters and we are going nowhere fast because it will all be over sooner than we think.

HEAT – another amazing 80s feel song that’s pretty awesome – just another song that I will be BLASTING for a long, long time.

OFFENDED – this is the song that proves Eminem’s rapping ability hasn’t lost a single step. The flow is amazing, got that super-fast rapping and just hits you with everything from everywhere. The chorus is almost like a childish lullaby type thing that just brings it all together. He WILL make you eat his turds. Classic Eminem. The funniest song on the album as far as Eminem humor goes.

NEED ME- the worse song on the CD, it’s basically Pink (featuring Eminem); while his verse is pretty great, it’s not worth listening to the Pink part to get to and that is sad because I love Pink. I really wish this one was better.

IN YOUR HEAD – samples that Cranberries Zombie song which is pretty cool. Discusses the battles he’s had as far as wanting to give up, drugs and anger. Show’s a lot of regret on past albums and the way he handled situations.

CASTLE/AROSE – these two songs flow together amazingly basically making them one song. The first part are letters to Hailie from when he first started and when he was trying to make it…it leads to his suicide attempt and flows into Arose which samples “The Rose” by Bette Midler and shows the world, from his view, as he’s in the hospital dying. Once he dies, he comes back and then Arose “rewinds” back into Castle to finish the album by rewriting the last verse of Castle….it’s amazing.

The entire album is incredible and one of his best- regardless of what the media and idiots may say…it’s just good all the way around. I read one article about how Eminem has abandoned hip hop because of beats, etc but if you can listen to some of the lyrics and not match them to true hip hop from the 70s/80s then you don’t know what hip hop started out being and that’s from a fat, middle-age white guy who grew up in Kentucky.

I have always felt like a “Stan” when it comes to Eminem because it seems like every album focuses on issues that relate to me- I was a poor white kid in a mostly black projects, on food stamps and WIC, no dad around. My mom was great but a bit crazy. His albums always just seems to flow with the way my life is going and the beginning of “Arose” just really hits home right now. My mom has been sick for a long time and is about as bad as a person can get and the way he explains dying and saying goodbye just hits me.

I would honestly say that this is one of his best all-around albums- from start to finish. There have been better songs on other albums but never a collection of songs that flow so nicely together and takes you on an Eminem roller coaster.

Here are a few of my favorites that I consider MUST listen toos –

Like Home
Remind Me/Heat (very similar)

All in all…an outstanding album and well worth the wait….


Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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