Lucy Dug In

Keep swinging, hitting
Trying to knock me back
It’s a sorry attack
You’re a hack
Saw you trying to cut through
Everything I do
So it’s me against you
Well let’s make it worthwhile
You’re still in denial
Because I’ll never stay down
I’ll recover
And do it with style
I can take all you drop
I won’t stop or pop
Or open up shop
I’ll shut that shit down
Like Negan and his bat
Ball up those fist
Swing at will
A wrestler
A comedian
A couple characters
Hidden within
Shouldn’t even rhyme
Like leaf and deaf
It’s beyond belief
Saw and ball
Makes no sense at all
So take the ball
Grip the bat
Keep swinging, hitting
Trying to knock me back

….yea, bat and back don’t rhyme.

You win.

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