Logan Paul Isn’t The Problem

I’m trying to keep away from the controversial things on here and focus on weight loss and fun stuff but sometimes I’m just so far away from society on certain issues that I have to put my thoughts and opinions out there because I know I’m not the only one.

So- let’s talk about Logan Paul.

Well, not so much about Logan Paul but about suicide.

I got into watching YouTube about a year ago and started watching Logan Paul (along with a ton of others) and he’s been pretty entertaining- he can be funny, outrageous and just cool to watch his daily life but recently, and I’m sure you’ve all heard, he posted a video of him in the Japanese’s suicide forest and his group of friends discovering a dead man hanging from a tree and the backlash hasn’t slowed down.

He posted an apology video which I thought was heartfelt and honest and, yea, I’m still a #Loganster…sorry folks. The guy is still a kid and he’s in a position that only a handful of people can understand- he made the wrong decision and that’s that. I don’t think HE is the real story here…yea, he laughed and made jokes about it and that was wrong- even he knows that now. I’ve done some fucked up shit in my life and so have you.

I think the bigger story here is about suicide- I truly feel that Logan made the video to show people how ugly and terrible suicide is and he really thought it would be a way to reach kids in bad situations- he put a warning up, removed the option of making money on it and talked about suicide at the end of the video and showed places to get help.

Yes…there are still issues- the controversy could cause people to watch other videos and he could make money off of that, he used the picture in the thumbnail so a warning wasn’t the best thing…I just feel like we are missing the overall point- suicide needs to be talked about- openly and freely and the more we talk about it, the easier it will be for people to come forward and it will no longer be looked at as a “taboo” subject.

I’ve had suicidal thoughts throughout my life and I would think that, at some point, most of us have thought it or thought we wish we weren’t alive anymore or something along those lines. The problem I have is with folks like Boogie2988 (who I’m a huge fan of) saying things like it causes copycats. If you show suicide in a Logan Paul video or a show like 13 Reasons Why then it will led to others committing suicide and I happen to disagree with him. (still love him though…he’s an amazing guy.)

Keemstar showed a video on DramaAlert the other day of a kid crying after watching the Logan Paul video and his mom was asking him why…he stated that he felt sad about the guy and all the people who think about suicide or have no other way out and that hit me pretty deep.

Now- the problem was that I watched the video and the mom basically told him that Logan Paul would probably see it and it sounded like she was trying to go viral and, in the end, it mostly sounded like the kid was crying because he couldn’t watch Logan Paul anymore but let’s hope that they both just wanted to show the “damage” done by the mean ol’ Logan.

I think kids knowing about suicide is a GOOD thing. I think kids watching 13 Reasons Why is a good thing. I think kids need to see the true consequences of their actions- such as bullying. Kids need to understand that their actions and words have a real impact on people.

Logan’s video showed the ugly side of suicide the part that people don’t think about…what actually happens to your body and how devastating it is to multiple people. 13 Reasons Why did an amazing job of trying to force it that you being an asshole to someone could just be that final reason that have to be done with this fucked up world.

We can’t hide death from kids and we shouldn’t- it’s a natural part of life that we ALL face- period. We don’t need to hide suicide from kids either- we need to not talk about it and make it “mainstream”. Also, the thought that suicide always comes from depression or mental illness isn’t necessarily true either.

We need our kids to understand that every action you take effects, not only yourself, but everyone around you and even people that you don’t know.

I was picked on through elementary and middle school because I was “the fat kid” and you want some honest shit- if I had a way then, I wouldn’t be here today.

I don’t have all the answers but I know that education and talking about issues make them better and it doesn’t matter what the issue is- education is always the key and a part of education is seeing true life consequences. You can tell kids that they shouldn’t bully all day but until they fully understand what their actions are capable of, they will never get it.

Thank Logan Paul and shows like 13 Reasons Why for forcing you to be a parent and talk to your kids and bring this issue out into the open and show them reality.

There is help out there if you are depressed, scared, lonely, bullied or just in a spot you feel you can’t get out of- the internet has made it possible to find people in your situation and find support groups and resources to educate yourself on the best options.

It’s time we admit that suicide is a real thing that millions of people consider throughout life and it should no longer be swept under the rug or hidden from society.

And in closing…if seeing Logan Paul make jokes about finding a dead person disturbs you that much, maybe you shouldn’t watch the news anytime soon…maybe all of that hate should go towards the actual problems of the world – such as the hate, racism, sexism, threat of nuclear war, disbelief in climate change, our “president”, staving kids, poverty…and the list goes on.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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