I first saw Carbquick recipes in some Facebook keto groups and I figured it was too good to be true but we looked it up and it there was a local toy store…YES…a toy store….that sold it, so we headed to Lexington, KY to pick up a box- way cheaper than ordering it online and, as a nice surprise, the toy store is pretty awesome and we picked up some Pop figures as well.

If you are in Kentucky and are interested, check them out –

Happen Stock LLC
2512 Palumbo Dr Ste 110
Lexington, KY 40509

Really nice folks!

The next morning, we started trying Carbquick out with some biscuits and gravy- the box comes with a ton of recipes on the outside and inside. With any type of ingredient like this, it will take a few times to get use to cooking with it but the first attempt at biscuits was pretty successful. They didn’t really look like a normal biscuit because it doesn’t really “rise” but the taste was pretty awesome. We threw on some sausage and had a reasonable breakfast with limited carbs! The gravy was also good but not really what you get from places like McDonalds but, all in all, it was a GREAT Sharketo version of sausage biscuits and gravy.

The next morning, we tried pancakes and the texture was a little mushy but they were, without a doubt, the best pancakes I’ve ever had- topped with sugar free syrup of course. We made them again and my wife made a few small changes and it made the texture better and they still tasted amazing and you get quite a bit of pancakes for a low amount of carbs.

Now, the “Keto Nazis” will yell that this isn’t actually keto because it contains a trace amount of wheat- and that is fine- if it doesn’t fit your set plan, then don’t eat it…but remember, I’m doing Sharketo and it fits perfectly! (Keto is actually 20 carbs or less…so it fits that as well…you just have a few crazies here and there.)

On top of making great biscuits and pancakes, it was only $9.99 for 3 lbs. so it’s a great value as well.

There are several recipes that we want to make so I’ll update the page with recipes in the future, be watching for those!

You can find the ingredients, nutritional facts, recipes, where to buy it and more information on their website –

You can find a TON of recipes on social media by searching #carbquick.

We are planning on only using this product on weekends because I do think it can get out of hand if you tried to use it every day…but having sausage and pancakes on Saturday morning is going to be like taking a cheat day…without actually doing it!

This product is definitely Fintastic!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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