Yep…I’m petty lost right now on what is exactly going on.

I was exercising last night and I stood in front of the mirror and thought I could see some changes, so I took some pictures to match my before pictures and I can see a difference. Yesterday I was at 407…I didn’t plan on taking progress pictures until Feb 1st but I couldn’t wait.

Then, today, I’m down another couple of pounds to 404.2 for a total of 31 lbs lost in 30 days. That isn’t normal and should NOT be expected. I’m dropping weight so fast for a few reason- first, I am morbidly obese, so when you make overnight changes it’s like your buddy is begging to get rid of the weight because it’s killing you. The second reason is because I haven’t had a cheat day…even the last time I did Sharketo, I would have cookies on Friday or something and it just doesn’t work that way- I was still successful but not THIS successful.

The down side is that I’m on a high right now- I’m dropping weight and I feel amazing. I have energy, I’m motivated and inspired and there is no doubt that I can’t keep this up for the rest of my life. The doubt comes when the weight stops just melting off and that scale shows the same number for a few weeks, even though I’m still eating right and exercising…then let’s see how I feel.

Folks think this is “Beast Mode”….I’m killing it!!! However, this isn’t Beast Mode…that comes when you do everything right or 2 weeks and gain weight and you DON’T give up…I don’t just go back to your old self and you struggle through, doing what you know works- even though it’s not working- THAT is Beast Mode. Sticking to the program when the weight is pouring off isn’t hard at all.

I have to get myself ready because I will NOT lose 30 lbs. in February, it just doesn’t work that way and I understand that. I need to prepare for that crash so that, when it happens, I’m strong enough to get back in the car and finish the race and not just head back to the garage and call it a day.

I would like to be an inspiration to folks and be able to motivate them but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the results that I am….this is NOT normal. I put my body through A LOT for a long time and now that I’m doing things right, it’s soaking it up and giving me everything it has…everyone will not see results this quick. If you have only lost a few lbs…just keep swimming and those pounds will add up overtime. Again, PLEASE don’t get discourage- we are all on a different journey…heading to the same place.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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