Cliff Notes – Chapter One

2018 – Mass Evolution
Chapter One – Big Bang (Jan)

Chapter One started with me weighing 435.2 lbs.- after losing 5 lbs. during the last of 2017. I started on Sharketo, an adapted form of lazy keto and starting eating less than 20g of carbs per day and drinking a ton of water. I only had one diet soda the entire month and while that wasn’t planned, I decided to just stick with it and keep my water with me at all times.

My wife started making amazing food at home and we only went out to eat a couple of times and kept it Sharketo friendly.

There were NO cheat days and NO screw ups.

I started exercising on Jan 22nd and didn’t miss a day in January.

I feel amazing- motivated and inspired and the changes are sticking and quickly becoming habit and it feels different than any other time because I’m not forcing myself to eat foods I don’t like and working towards making Sharketo just “living life”…no diets…just life.

I had HUGE success in January- even more than I ever expected and that is because I have had no cheat days and haven’t screwed up- I’m in ketosis and I feel fat adapted- I’m now in hour 17 of my first 24 hour fast and I’m not even hungry.

The 40s will be the best decade of my entire life.

Here are the results-

And now….on to Chapter Two!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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