All About The Numbers

Yes…I realize that getting healthy is about so much more than the numbers on the scale- non-scale victories are just as important and you can’t get too tired up in the scale.

While I understand that…I’m pledged to weigh myself every day for 365 days a year because the numbers to reflect what your body is going through and I’m learning that more and more everyday.

It’s also interesting how you can manipulate the numbers to show whatever you want them to show.

Here’s an example, based on daily numbers…both statements are 100% TRUE –

1. In the last week, I have lost 3 lbs.

2. In the last 3 days, I have gained 4.6 lbs.

My “official” weigh ins are weekly- that is the number I want to see go down every week, if possible but it’s interesting to see the ups and downs of the daily struggle.

I hit 399.4 lbs. on Saturday and was ecstatic…but I know it wouldn’t last because it’s a game of “2 steps forward and 1 step back” plus I have issues on the weekend.

I have not had a cheat day since starting but weekends do lead to snacking more throughout the day and no official exercise and since this was a 3 day weekend for me, it was a bit harder. I didn’t go over my carb intake but I did have more calories then I should have and that is reflected…not only that, I could feel it and told my wife that I would be back to 404 lbs. this morning…the longer you weigh daily, the more you can predict the ups and downs based on what you do throughout the day and how your body feels.

Today I’m back to walking 3xs a time, no snacking and my daily workout so I should be back down in no time- it’s not a big deal.

That is the most important thing….expect the weight to go up and realize it’s not that big of a deal and just continue on- I’m still down 3 lbs. since last week and 8.6 over the last 2 weeks…so I’m fine.

If you look at my daily weights, I have actually gained weight 7 days out of the 38 and even had a 2.2 gain a couple of weeks ago.

This is the journey I wanted to share….this is the struggle and where a lot of the frustration comes in…this is the “AND” between that “before and after picture”.

There is still 329 pages to be written in this book…hell, we are only on Chapter Two….I’m going to keep writing and see where it takes me.

On a side note…I am afraid some of the weekend issues is coming from the Carbquik- it hasn’t knocked me out of ketosis but I do think it slows the weight loss down over the weekends…the wife made Cheddar Biscuits with it over the weekend and they were amazing. Carpquik is great stuff but it’s going to have to be a once or twice a month thing.

Sharketo is all about adapting to what works for you and recognizing what you do when things stop working and then making changes…none of it is set in stone.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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