Frustrated…or Nah?

I ate great yesterday and worked out almost 2 hours and killed it….and I dropped .2 of a pound.

I’ll admit, I saw that this morning and I got frustrated…aggravated…annoyed…all those wonderful feelings.

I took some time to think about it, and maybe it’s the coffee talking but I gotta count the way I felt last night and this morning as a non-scale victory.

I realize that number isn’t what I wanted to see and I told myself that weighing every day for a single year would result in a TON of days when I didn’t see what I wanted- so I need to get comfortable with that fact of life.

Yesterday, when I started my workout, I felt amazing…I felt “lighter”. That sounds stupid but I truly did, I rode the bike faster- going farther and longer than I have since starting. I worked out for 50 minutes straight and while I was breathing hard, I didn’t feel like I was going to literally die and it didn’t take as long to catch my breath.

Walking into work, there was a spring in my step (again…maybe the coffee or maybe my new shoes, which are my favorite pair I’ve ever owned)…I’m not sure what it is but I’m just happier and I feel better.

I remember, just a month ago, walking into work and hoping I could get an elevator by myself so I could actually BREATH and not just to act like I wasn’t dying around other people…YES…it was that bad.

I was having issues breathing after just walking up the steps from my man cave and now I’m working out like crazy and then walking up the steps with NO issues….that has to be a fucking victory anyway you look at it.

Writing all this down is also helping keep me on track as well, thinking about it 24/7 and focusing every moment of my life on it is really making things into habits and keeping me going…still only ONE diet soda this entire year!

I’m going to start trying to do a 24 hr fast every Wednesday/Thursday just to keep things in control- I actually like how I felt and it was amazing to realize that I could actually do it. My wife works late on Wednesday so I have extra time to slow the exercise down a bit and even add some more here and there plus I always have Commons4Kids stuff to work on or just play some Pokemon and keep my mind away from food.

I’m also still trying to do the fasting 16/8 but this morning I just felt like I needed something for breakfast to shake things up a bit so I grabbed an Atkins bar.

We are now into the 6th week and 37 pages written, and I must say, I’m pretty pleased with the story so far….I mean, wouldn’t be a good book without a struggle, right?

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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