Once a month my wife has to work a Saturday and I can do better with food when I’m on my own- which is totally different than before but it seems to work pretty well.

Usually, when the wife is home, we are watching movies or TV shows or something like that and those are times when I “snack” the most…however, when she works on Saturdays I usually spend the day working on the house, doing cards for C4K, playing Pokemon/Xbox and the time flies and I don’t even think about food…usually forget to eat lunch.

Why not take advantage of that?

I’m going to do a 30 hour fast starting after lunch on Friday, around 12-ish until dinner on Saturday, around 6-ish. During the time that the wife is working, 8am to 4pm I’m going to hit the bike as hard as I can for 10 mins per hour, while I do all the other stuff I normally do. Between 8am-9am she’ll be getting ready so I can do it then and I can do it at exactly 4pm because she doesn’t get home until about 4:15pm…that will give me 1.50 full hours of fasted cardio. Have a light dinner and keep Sunday light and I should survive the weekend- I’ve already decided to lower the Carbquik intake to once a month…it’s great but I don’t think it works well with my body…so it will be a monthly treat.

I’m trying to do new things to keep me excited, to see how far I can push myself and future prove to myself that I’m in control.

If this is a huge success, I’ll start doing it every Saturday that she works and if it fails or I just don’t feel comfortable with it, I’ll trash the idea and go for something else- that is what Sharketo is all about.

I know a lot of people don’t really care but I think I may live Tweet/Facebook/Instagram throughout the day to show my progress and how I feel…watch me succeed or fail in REAL TIME …wooo hoooo.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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