No Cake 4 Me

…sort of.

My birthday is just around the corner…about 10 more days and I’ll be thrown “over the hill”…39 years old seems so young, while 40 years old seems so damn old.

I had told myself that I would basically take my birthday off…have cake, carbs and whatever I wanted but I’ve decided against that- Sharketo isn’t something to “take off”- it’s a way of life. I’m not saying I’ll never eat bread or pizza crust again, because I will…I just don’t want to see pounds go back on at this point- so…some folks will have cupcakes/cake and I’ll have a Sharketo friendly “mug cake” because there are NO CHEAT days at this point.

Once I get to where I want to be, I’ll be able to adapt to a more “low carb” diet and not Sharketo…I think I’ll call that one #Shatkins 😛 –yea, that sounds amazing.

I do have a long term plan because I don’t think Sharketo is a lifetime thing…I think it’s the push you need to go where you are going and then you adapt to something that works, and if Shatkins doesn’t work, it will right back to Sharketo…but that isn’t until I loss another 150 lbs. or so.

For now…it’s mug cake.

As far as an update, I’m down to 391.6 and I’m really close to hitting that 50 lbs. lost overall and I just don’t want to screw that up.

Fasting tonight since the wife works late and working towards March 1st…right now, I’ve hit my 10 lbs. lost goal for the month but there are still several days left and I know that number can go up any day….and for no reason at all.

Facebook reminded me that I tried doing this last year, and by this time in the game, I had already “been off the wagon” for three weeks and given up…that has to be a good sign, right?

I allowed myself to have a cheat day, which turned into several cheat months and had my weight going up and down all through 2017- I never gave up but I had very little success only losing 5 lbs overall.

This year is already different and will continue to be different….no cheat days.

Ya boi got goals.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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