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I’ve used 2018 to push myself and to prove that I can do thinks I never thought I could- I’ve done a few 24 hour fasts, I did a 30 hour fast, I rode 20 miles on the bike in one day, I’ve worked out for 6 weeks without missing a single day or making lame excuses and I’ve withstood temptation when it was right in my face and I did NOT give in.

Next week, I’m going to push myself again to do something.

On Saturday, I turn 40 years old and on Monday I start a 5 day “egg fast” where I mostly eat only eggs and cheese with some healthy oils here and there.

On top of that, I’m not going to be working out next week…I’m not sure taking a week off from exercise is the best idea, however, weight loss is mostly mental and food. I feel like I’ve been doing the same program for 6 weeks and I need to take a week off, let my body have a little rest and then start right back only with some variation so that my body and muscles don’t get used to what I’ve been doing.

This is all a part of Sharketo- I may gain 10 lbs next week or I may lose 10 lbs…..I have no clue until I try and see where I am and then I’ll know if it was a success or failure and I’ll adapt from that point on. I’m not afraid of gaining weight by trying something because that is how you figure out what works best for you.

I’m going to go hard as fuck this week because I would LOVE to be at 385.2 lbs on March 1st but I know that is asking a lot.

I’m doing my normal 24 hour fast on Wednesday into Thursday- taking Friday off from work to enjoy a day of playing video games and reflecting on 40 years of life. We are having a few friends over on Saturday to celebrate my birthday and I’ll have some type of mug/keto type cake and I will start next week off with eggs…and eggs….and even more eggs.

I’m trying to get into a routine, so…if this works, I plan to do it about every 3 months….egg fast and week off of exercise; I’m doing it together because only eating eggs and getting really hot and sweat just makes me feel nauseas just writing it.

I’m already doing intermitted fasting and 24 hour fasting once per week.

If this doesn’t work, then I won’t be doing it again.

The question is- what determines if it worked or not? This week I dropped over 6 lbs and wasn’t on an egg fast. In all reality, I would hope to drop about 10 lbs. by doing it due to it being the first time and I’ve still got so much to lose.

I’ve also thought about waiting since I’ve not really stalled or stopped losing…so I’m not sure…the week I do it could change, but as of right now, it starts March 5th and ends March 9th.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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