36 Hours??

February is coming to an end and that means another fast- I’m trying to end every month on a fast so I can start the next month fresh and ready to go.

I did a 24 hour fast at the end of January and then I did a 30 hour fast in the middle of February just to do it…this time, I’m going for 36 hours- which will be the longest one I attempt…I don’t see a point in going longer than that.

Doing a fast through Wednesday is always best because my wife works late and I can take my time exercising, play Pokemon, do Commons4Kids stuff and just keep my mind off of food a lot easier. Through in the amount of time I’m sleeping and at work and it’s really not that hard. Thankfully Jan/Feb have both ended on a Wednesday….the rest of the months I won’t be so lucky so I may have to move it around some or just push through it.

Here is the plan- eat dinner tonight and then a snack around 8:30pm; then go to sleep, work tomorrow- get home and exercise and do whatever, then sleep and have an Atkins bar for breakfast on Thursday morning at 8:30am. Thursday morning is also my final weigh in/starting weight for the month change over and then I’ll be able to post my Cliff Notes for February 2018 and see what I accomplished.

Doing a fast at the end of the month gives me a more realistic weight since there is no food in me and allows me to know where I’m starting the next month. Doing it this way is also going to actually allow me to get some fasted cardio/exercise in, which the other times didn’t really do that. I worked out only 3.50 hours after I started my fast so my body was just in a normal state.

I am going to really push myself over the next two days because I want to hit 385 lbs on March 1st but I always want to continue to push myself in 2018 to do things I never thought possible.

If you follow me on Instagram or are in my keto Facebook group- you will know that I posted a topless before/after picture…for the world to see…something I swore I would never do. It was extremely hard and terrifying and I 2nd guessed it for hours but it is the only way to truly see a difference since I wore/still wear baggy clothes and hopefully it’s an inspiration to someone….step out of your comfort zone, truly get to where you don’t give a shit what others thing and focus on YOU.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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