Cliff Notes – Chapter Two

2018 – Mass Evolution
Chapter Two – Adaptation (Feb)

I big part of evolution is adapting- you either adapt or die.

During Chapter One I was putting everything in place to be successful and added exercise but February was focusing on adapting everything about myself to create a new schedule.

I didn’t miss a single workout through February…they are now just a part of my weekday schedule and I do them without even thinking about them.

Chapter Two started off where Chapter One ended…at 401.8.

I went over my 20g limit ONE day and that was a true accident which I used as a learning experience- Nyquil has 19g of carbs!!!

I haven’t screwed up or had a cheat day in all of 2018 and I don’t plan on it.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life and it’s all due to adapting to new way of living- there is no diet here.

I’ve fasted a few times and I’m now finishing up a 36 hour fast- I wasn’t truly hungry during any of it and, honestly, I’m not starving at this point…I could continue but I’m not sure that is healthy for me yet; I need to take things slow. I started with 24 hours, then 30 hours and now 36 hours.

Chapter Two did see me have a moment or two of frustration- I gained weight 7 days out of the 28. I even had a thought of just eating whatever the hell I wanted but my wife pushed me not too and it moved past quickly.

I did realize a lot through Chapter Two…even if the scale goes up 5 lbs. overnight…and it did…just keep going. The scale doesn’t always so us our true weight (which is why I fast at the end of every month, to get a more true reading)- eventually, every gain will become a loss.

I have completed 59 days and gained weight 14 of them- we are always told not to weigh daily but it’s been a huge help to me, to help me understand how my body works and to focus on the fact that an upwards fluctuation in the scale is normal and means nothing.

Two chapters in and I can already tell that this is my masterpiece…I’m writing a fucking kickass story.

And now…on to Chapter Three!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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