Fasted How Long?

36 hours with no food but not hungry? What black magic is this???

A lot of people around me are having a hard time understanding how I just went 36 hours without any food and never really felt hungry and I could honestly go longer…well, here is how I see it. Remember, I’m not a DR and I could be totally wrong but it’s working for me.

Let’s pretend your body is a car with two fuel tanks- one is the regular gas tank (carbs) and the other runs on alternative fuel (fat).

Every week, you fill up your gas tank and any fuel left over from the week before just moves to the 2nd tank for storage (belly).

As the week goes, your tank gets about half empty and your light comes on and your car says “hey bro, we are using up our fuel, you may want to get more so we don’t die.” (hunger)

You do this for years and years and, at this point, your storage tank is just busting at the seams- your belly or literally the seams of your pants.

One day, you just decided that you aren’t going to give your car anymore fuel (carbs)…you are going to force it to only use alternative fuel (fat). (ketosis).

At first, your car has no clue what is going on…it’s freaking out – “come on man, just a few drips of that delicious fuel so we can keep living!”…”Seriously bro, we are gonna die if we don’t do something.”….”FINE…you wanna play ya boy like that, let’s see how you feel with NO energy for a few days.”

You are usually tired a couple of days, don’t really do a lot of moving…may even get sick because your body is trying to explain to you that you are going to die without fuel…or so it thinks…it’s not fully aware of how to use alternative fuel exactly and it doesn’t really want to.

After a few days, your body gives up and tries this alternative, hippy stuff out and realizes that it’s not all that bad.

After several weeks to a couple months, depending on how stubborn your car is, it realizes that regular fuel (carbs) isn’t really the chosen fuel of a more hot rod type muscle car that it’s becoming and it realizes that alternative fuel (fat) is a way better fuel (fat adapted)- way better gas mileage and allows for the car to run smoother and stay on the road much longer.

Now, you have a ton of stored up alternative fuel (fat) from those years of over filling your tank so you don’t have to fill up as often. Once you use up that stored alternative fuel and hit your peak performance, then you burn up the alternative fuel (fat) that you put in as you go and never need that 2nd tank again.

You are a perfect alternative fuel (fat) burning machine.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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