I’ve Gained How Much?

Facebook has the “On This Day” feature and it’s frustrating and motivating at the same time- I keep seeing all the times I tried to lose weight. I had some success here and there but all of them were set backs. I tried everything and tried for most of my life. It’s aggravating because I’m 40 and just now getting it…so many waste years…but it’s motivating me to actually do it this time.

A lot of people have supported me for a long time and been let down and I understand that a lot of people probably have doubts that I’ll stick with this- I’ve done it so many times only to give up and gain all the weight back, plus some…but this time feels different and I think it’s because of the way I’m doing it as a book and tracking daily and just staying focused on it…every minute of the day. I’m leaving no cracks for my old ways to slip back in.

This is becoming a way of life.

The other thing on my mind today is how many times a person should weigh- they always tell you to only weigh once a week or a month and to NEVER weigh every day, due to water weight fluctuation- but I would disagree with that.

When I weighed myself every week or month, I allowed myself to cheat a few days because I had a few days, or more, to “catch up” and make up for my cheat days…and that always led to me screwing everything up.

I’ve been weighing daily since 01.01.2018 and it’s giving me a ton of information about how my body works and what I can expect- sure, it was frustrating at first- seeing weight gain when I was working my ass off and eating right but you start seeing patterns and it allows you to figure out the spots that aren’t working for you and adapt and it keeps you on track daily- there is NO time to screw up or to catch up…it’s just daily.

Here is an interesting fact that doesn’t really mean anything but it’s helped me but into perspective how much I’ve lost and to not get frustrated when I gain because, as long as a I stick to it, the gain is only temporary.

I’ve gained weight 17/65 days…which is 26% of the time!

I’ve gained a total of 27.8 lbs, yet I’m down 55 lbs. overall.

I’ve gained weight at least one day per week (except for week 4) and in week 3 I gained weight 4/7 days for a total of 6.8 gained but still finished week 3 at 27.6 down overall.

Weight loss is not a straight down line- it’s a crazy line that goes up and down over and over and over and it’s teaching me to not get frustrated when I see the scale go up, just write it down and stick to the plan.

I think I need to do this the rest of my life…I need to see where I’m at daily and figure out what is working and be mindful of my weight…no more just “not weighing” because I don’t want to know and then realize that I’m back to a number I said I would never be again.

I would recommend weighing daily- yes, it’s hard at first but you get over it and start learning more about yourself and now, when I see a weight gain…yea, I may still be a little bit frustrated but I just keep going and within a day or two, I’m back to losing.

NOTE- I have not really hit a long stall yet…so my mind may change if I see around the same number for months at a time but I’m changing stuff up every 2-3 months to be pro-active and try to catch stalls before they happen.

I’m in day 2 of an egg fast, then next week I start exercising again and I’ve changed some things up and add some stuff. I’ll do that for a couple of months and then BOOM…change it up again.

Always adapt. Always evolve. 2018=Mass Evolution.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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