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A lot of people ask me the same things….”how are you losing weight” or “could you give me some tips”….so, I decided to try to come up with 10 tips that have helped me lose weight….they may/may not help you but it’s things I focus on, which have been pretty successful so far in 2018.

1. Focus On What You Can Have

This one has been the biggest thing for me and I suggest it first because too many people focus on what they can’t have instead of what they can have. All I hear is crap like- “I couldn’t live without bread” or some other junk food or bad carb and it’s starting to piss me off…I promise, you can live JUST FINE without it. If I want something, I just Google it with the word “keto” or “low-carb” and find an alternate version. Try it, change it and make it work for you…there isn’t anything I haven’t been able to find some similar too.

2. Form Habits

This is NOT a diet; it’s a change to your entire life. This isn’t something you do until you’ve lost weight and then go back to the way you were…this is a total life change. You have to do things every single day and keep doing them until you do them without even thinking.

3. Cook At Home

Find recipes and try them- keep the ones you love and trash the ones you don’t like. Do this for a couple of months until you have about 2 weeks of go to keto recipes that you love, so you are always looking forward to dinner. I love when we are having taco salad with fried cheese tacos…or steak and broccoli. Cooking at home puts the control in your hands, saves money and just makes life easier. I also try to do IF and fasting, which isn’t just healthy but saves on groceries.

4. Do Your Own Research

This covers EVERYTHING! Research keto friendly items at all your favorite fast food/restaurants and know what you are going to order in case you are ever in a spot where you have no other choice. Research the ingredients in things, research exercises and recipes, research the science behind burning fat as fuel. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. I see too many damn people in Facebook groups asking – “Is this allowed?” or “Is this OK?”….no one can tell you if something is allowed or OK except you. This is YOUR journey and you need to research and determine if it works for you. Example – many people say CarbQuick is keto and many people so it’s not….a lot of people can eat it daily and are fine while others eat it once and gain weight. I researched it, got it and tried it- tracked my weights and I’ve realized that I can have it about once a month because if I eat a lot of it, I gain weight.

5. Weigh Daily

I bet you NO one has ever told you that…have they? I’ve heard to weigh weekly, monthly or to just put the scale away and not weigh at all and just go by inches lost….do what works for you and weighing daily works for me. It keeps me informed daily, it allows me to quickly adapt when I gain, it allows me to understand how certain foods effect my weight and it ensures I don’t get carried away. If I weigh weekly or monthly, I tell myself that I can screw up a few times because there is plenty of time to recover and still have a loss. If I don’t weigh at all- I tell myself the same thing and then gain 117 lbs. back (that I lost) because I kept telling myself there was time to “catch up”. I weigh daily, it’s a habit now and I love it. It can be annoying and frustrating but it something I have to do to be successful. No, the number isn’t the most important think and I’ve learned that. I’ve picked up on fluctuations and I know that if I gain 6 lbs. over the last 3 days that if I keep at it, those will drop off plus some…just how my body works.

6. Enjoy What You Do

Exercise is a must…sure, people tell you that it’s not required on keto and you will still lose weight but you won’t be as healthy, you will lose muscle and you just won’t be as full of energy or happy. I never thought I would say this but I’ve missed exercising this week and I can’t wait to start back on Monday. The key is to pick something you like- there are TONS of exercises and types of equipment out there….if you like dancing, just dancing around for 30 minutes and act stupid and just get moving. I do a little bike riding (not my favorite) but I also do weights and boxing (which I love). I watch some YouTube while I ride the bike, so that makes it fun. Don’t do things that make you miserable because you will NEVER stick to it and live is too short.

7. Write About It

Updating or posting on Facebook/Instagram has helped out a lot! It gives you something to look back on if you get discouraged, it’s a great way to meet others on the weight loss journey and it’s a great way to keep it in your head…EVERY DAY. It needs to be in your head everyday- when you start not thinking about it or focusing as much, you start slipping and before you know it, it’s not as important and you hit a setback.

8. Just Do It To Be Doing It

Let’s so I met my MACROS and calories every day for a month and I exercise 5 days a week and I don’t lose a single pound…was it worth it? The answer should be YES. You could have gained weight if you hadn’t done all that work and, on top of it, you are healthier…regardless of what the scale says. Your heart and lungs are healthier…I made my mind up in January that even if I killed myself and didn’t lose any weight, it was still worth it because it’s better than setting on the couch eating Doritos.

9. Adapt/Evolve

Ignore people and do you. Test things and if they don’t work, adapt what you are doing but have a starting point. What works for others may not work for you and what doesn’t work for others may be highly successful for you. Find a starting point, track and adapt and do that for a while and when you notice that you’ve stopped losing weight or it just feels too easy….evolve. When I start back exercising on Monday, I won’t be doing what I was doing back in January- I’m stronger now, I can endure for longer periods of time…I’ve evolved. The goal is to always be adapting and evolving…you are trying to become the best you. I started fasting and I did 12 hours, 24 hours, 30 hours and 36 hours….I will probably do 48 hours next time. The old me couldn’t go a couple of hours without food but I’ve evolved into someone that controls that food and doesn’t allow the food to control me

10. Write Your Own Story

This is far more important than number 10 but I wanted to use it to wrap up the tips and it sort of brings everything together….I’m looking at this year as a 365 page book. I’ve titled 2018 “Mass Evolution” and each month is a chapter…that is getting its own title. I’m even doing Cliff Notes on it. 2019 will be the 2nd book in the series. You have to really understand that, based on your age, a certain number of books have already been written- like it or not. I turned 40 years old this year and I realized that the last 39 books got written and I couldn’t stop that. Unless you die, tomorrow will come and today will be written- that page will turn and you can’t go back to edit it. I decided to fire my ghost writer and pick up the pencil myself and change where the series is going. This has been one of the biggest helps for me…I’m writing this book now and I can make it go wherever I want it to go. If you don’t try and just eat and get bigger…that is the story, that is what is written on that page…it doesn’t matter if you realize that you are writing it or not.

These tips may work for you and they may not…we are all on our OWN journey and that is what is all about – this is MY world…it’s MY journey and it’s MY book- you are free to read it but no plagiarism…write your own.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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