Random 03.09.2018

Today is going to be a random days…just a lot of random stuff on my mind.

First- Day 4 of the egg fast is done and I’m down exactly 8 lbs. Over the last two weeks, something really weird has happened with the scale- 9/12 weights have ended in .2. I am not tired of eggs yet, my wife makes the most amazing scrambled eggs ever! The only issue I have had is with hard boiled eggs and the deviled eggs….I like the taste but the texture of the dry yellow with the floppy white is just brrruuucckk. I’ve pushed through it though.

I know that I’ll gain some of the weight back when I go back to regular keto food and exercising 5 days a week and I’m OK with that- I expect it and I’ll just move on; I’ve gained weight several days during 2018 but I understand (thanks to weighing everyday) that it’s only temporary.

Next up…I’ve really missed exercising- something I never thought I would say- I can’t wait to pick it back up and go hard as fuck.

I follow a young lady on Instgram by the name of “KetoJess412” and she posted something the other day that really hit home-

This has truly become an addiction and I can not only live with that…I’m super happy about it. I can’t wait to weigh myself in the morning, loss or gain and I really want to do well. When you get super motivated and what you are doing is actually working…there is no such thing has a craving. I can see food that I would once die over and I just don’t give a shit. I got goals and timeframes and I’m going to work my ass off to reach those. I want to see that scale go down, I want to open up my little spreadsheet and put my numbers in and see the graphs go down and I want to be able to come here and write about success and inspire someone. When you screw up and hit set-backs, you get down…sad…and end up not caring. The happiness is addictive and it’s being happy for a good reason.

I’ve noticed a lot of “keto hate” here recently…from assholes to “educated” doctors but there is ton of science behind it, it’s a diet that has been used for CENTURIES and it’s what weight loss surgery DRs put their patients on to lose a lot of weight before surgery.

I’m down 60 lbs and I feel amazing- I have energy and I’m happy and life is amazing and if that is unhealthy—fuck it. I was pretty unhealthy at 440 lbs and not being able to walk to the bathroom without trying to catch my breath.

A lot of the people saying keto is bad were educated incorrectly, by the same people that taught them Columbus was a good guy.

The last thing is…I’m starting to hate fat people…even though I’m still super fat and I’ve been there. I wasted 40 years not trying and just being fat so I understand it better than most people.

I don’t understand it but it’s happening…I have people ask me about what I’m doing and I explain it all and they either say something like “OH, I couldn’t do that”, which shows that they would rather have a specific food and die than not have it and live. I’m past that point and I guess something just switches where you go from “I can’t do that” do “bitch, I just did that!”. I hear people talking about doing this and being so motivated but then see those same people going out to lunch and bringing back big burgers with massive buns and just brushing it off. People are begging for help; saying they would do anything to be able to lose weight…you tell them and then they just can’t do that.

I call them Meatloafs. (I’d Do Anything For Weight Loss….But I Won’t Do That…)

I see really obese people eating tons of crap, or going to buffets and I just want to slap them and explain to them that they are wasting time.

I think I get so mad because I was them….I did it….I wasted so many damn years and I hate seeing others doing it.

There are multiple ways to lose weight….Sharketo just happens to work for me. Try as many as you have to and find what works for you…never give up and stop wasting years. Don’t be the 40 year old guy trying to lose weight to get a few more years on this floating rock.

Best of luck to everyone!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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