Cliff Notes – 2018 Chapter Three

2018 – Mass Evolution
Chapter Three – Survival of the Fittest (Mar)

Sometimes life hits you out of the blue and that happened to me on March 15th- I almost died.

I’m not saying I almost had a wreck or feel out of my chair…so I almost died- NO- I literally almost died. I went to the DR for abdominal pain on March 15th and was told I had an impacted bowl and to go home and wait it out. Once my wife got home, I was out of it with chills, shivers and a high fever. We got to ER to find out that my appendix had burst and I had to have emergency surgery. I was still very obese with sleep apnea and the infection of the gangrenous appendix were already out of the appendiix. The surgeon came in and was up front about the situation- there was a very good chance I could die from the issue or complications- it was a very serious situation.

If I hadn’t dropped over 60 lbs, my survival rate would have been even lower. It’s a fucked up feeling, laying in the hospital room- facing death- trying to decided if you should call your 11 year old son to talk to him one last time. I decided not too because I didn’t want to scare him. I worked up enough courage to tell my wife to be sure to tell him how much I loved him and that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done….getting it out before I busted out in tears.

Weight loss isn’t really in your head when you are laying there, rubbing your wife’s face and realizing that you found the most gorgeous, amazing and perfect girl on the planet…and then realizing that you only got to spend 15 years of your life with her. 15 years is NOT enough. No number of years with her would ever be enough.

I honestly don’t feel like I should be here right now and that is a very weird feeling- everything that happens makes me wonder what would be happening if I hadn’t made it.

However, all motivation did die- I spent the next several days lying in a hospital bed, getting stuck with needles and having no appetite. I couldn’t use the restroom for several days and they blew me up with saline and gas- the moment I got home, I weighed and was up 15 lbs!

Over the next 1-2 weeks I just didn’t really care and ate whatever I wanted…I figured I earned a few carbs. I tried to get it all out of my system and tried to re-start Sharketo again but failed a few different times…but I’m not stopping…I started again on March 30th…trying to work in my Sharketo food and some exercise so I can hit April 1st strong and start working on Chapter 4…my comeback story.

Some other things also happened in March…I turned 40 years old (and instantly my body started failing) and I had a very successful Egg Fast; I dropped 9 lbs. during that week and I didn’t really get tired of eating eggs- I will be doing that again in the future.

Thankfully this set back hasn’t been that big (as far as weight gain)…once I can get my motivation back then everything will fall back into place.

The really sad part is that this is going to cut out 2 weeks of daily weights and make my graphs look weird, so…no cool graph this month because I couldn’t weigh for about two weeks.

The good news is that I did so well the first 2 weeks of March and on my egg fast, I can still knock off 13 lbs. for the month! My goal, from this point on, is 10 lbs per month. March was really hard and I only exercised 2 weeks and took an entire week off from eating Sharketo and ate some really bad food but I think, where I was fat adapted and hadn’t had a cheat day for 2.5 months, my body didn’t gain much. It was honestly hard to get back into Sharketo but today is day 3 back on and I’m feeling pretty decent. The sugar and carbs really grab ahold of you when you allow them too and they take control quickly and it’s hard as hell to get over it but I have and I’m on my way to my goal!

This book is still a long way from being finished….now on to Chapter Four.
Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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