Life is different now- that is just a fact.

I feel different and I hear songs differently and I have this mentality that I “came back from the dead” and I’m using that to become a better person every single day. I keep listening to House of Pains “Back from the Dead” and it just motivates me. I have no doubts I was lying on my death bed but medicine, science and that surgeon saved me and gave me a 2nd chance…an extension on life and I’m not wasting it.

Sure, I wasted a few days and played video games, rested and ate whatever I wanted…and it seems that is exactly what my body needed. I’m thinking I’m going to do a “carb up” every 3 months or so and then follow that up with an egg fast to get back into things.

I couldn’t really weigh in the hospital and I couldn’t when I got home because of the saline and gas they pumped into me- the day I got home I had gained 16 lbs. but I can’t legit count that. Then, I weighed a few times during the “carb up” (4-5 days of eating bad….then trying and failing to get back on Sharketo) but the scale was still showing weight loss, which I assumes was the saline I was peeing out and the gas I was getting out in other ways.

I decided to ignore my weights from March 15th (day of the surgery) to April 1st – the day of my return. On the morning of March 15th, before all hell broke loss, I was at 374.2 lbs…down a total of 66 lbs.

On April 1st, I had been on Sharketo for two days and was at 372.2 lbs- I consider that my balancing out weight. From the surgery, saline, gas, not eating for a week and then eating tons of carbs for a few days….everything balanced out. I got back to strict Sharketo and back to walking, bike and boxing yesterday. I did try weights but there was still some pain so I’m putting that off another week.

Today, I was down to 367.6 lbs…a total of 72.6 lbs lost.

A lot of things could have happened- I could have dropped a lot more weight from not eating for a week but couldn’t tell due to the saline/gas in me, the “carb up” could have confused my body and now back to strict Sharketo is going to give me a huge month or maybe hitting the bike and boxing after no exercise for about 2.5 weeks blew through a ton of calories- either way, I’m back!

I’m thinking the “carb up” was a huge help- I knocked myself out of ketosis and, sadly, out of being fat adapted and that is both good and bad. It’s good because I feel like my body thought we were going back to the old ways and now it’s gotten hit with ketosis again (took about 4 days to get back into) and now it’s going through that huge change again…it’s bad because when you are fat adapted, you are never hungry and it’s way easier to stay away from bad stuff and stay focused. Carbs and sugar take control really, REALLY quick and that is the main down side to a “carb up”.

I tried for 4 days to get back into Sharketo but the cravings were just too much; I kept seeing food commercials and my body was going crazy and the more I gave in, the harder it was to get back to where I wanted to be.

The first day was a huge failure, second day was a little better and so on until I only had one bad meal and then worked myself back into Sharketo and I’ve bene there for 5 days now. The problem, in the past, has always been getting myself out of the carb/sugar control once I have a “cheat day”…a cheat day turns into a cheat month and then it’s just all over.

I did it this time in only a few days.

I’m motivated and I can see that 100 lbs lost mark in my sites- I’m 27.4 lbs away and I can taste it…I fucking WANT IT and I want it in less than 6 months and, if I don’t die first….I WILL HAVE IT.

The last time I lost 112 lbs., it took me 13 months but I’ve found what works, I’ve found what I can stick with and I’ve found what I love- Sharketo and boxing.

The rest of my life will be lived in #SharkMode….I promise you that.

So- in closing, let’s look at some numbers because I’m writing this book and I’m using stats to keep me motivated.

440.2 – Starting Weight
435.2 – 01.01.2018
367.6 – 04.03.2018
72.6 – total lbs lost
16.5% – total amount of weight lost
36.3% – percent towards my goal

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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