100 days into 2018 and what a fucking ride it’s been!

I’m officially down 75 lbs. exactly today- that’s an average of .75 lbs PER DAY.

These 100 days have been some of the best and worst days of my life- all rolled into a nice little 100 day package. I almost died, I’m getting healthy…I’m RUNNING!!! Dafaq??? I know, right???

I feel amazing, I’m finding it easier and easier to stay on Sharketo just as a daily routine and not even thinking about it…just doing it. I went back to my full workout yesterday and feel great.

Over the last 100 days I’ve lost as much as 6.4 lbs in one night and gained as much as 4.4 lbs in one night- it’s been a roller coaster of weight loss but I’ve stayed consistent and stuck with it and the loss is always more than the gains- the gains are only temporary.

I can honestly say that I’m a different person than I was 100 days ago…I no longer have an appendix, I’m 75 lbs lighter and wearing clothes I couldn’t before. I went from almost passing out from walking up our steps to doing 1 hr and 50 mins of working out including walking 3 miles, riding the bike 3.3 miles, boxing, kettlebells, weights and even jogging!

Your entire world can change in the matter of seconds…and it’s been 144,000 seconds of 2018 (at the end of the day) so the amount of chance that can happen is unimaginable!

I can’t explain the motivation I have right now or how excited to see what the 100 days brings….we still have 265 days left in 2018 and there is SO much potential.

Go out and make every single day count because you never know when you won’t get another one.

This book is far from over…it’s not even a third of the way through and I have no idea where it’s going but I know how I want it to end- 150 lbs down and I’m going to try to write every day in order to get there.

Yesterday has been writing and today continues the story.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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