The Struggle Is Real

I’m sort of pissed….mostly annoyed and frustrated really.

I’ve hit a stall and I really thought this last week was going to be huge- I recovered from surgery and got my first week of my full exercise program in and ate PERFECT keto and gained .4 lbs. Not only did I gain though, if you go back and look at the last 11 days I’ve gained 5 of those days and I weighed exactly what I do now 9 days ago!

It’s really easy to be motivated when you are dropping weight but this week has been the hardest of 2018- I got really frustrated on Saturday and really just wanted to give up and eat whatever I want- I mean, if I’m doing perfect keto and exercising for 1 hour and 45 mins 5 days a week and always burning more calories than I take in for the day….how the hell can I be gaining weight??? If I’m going to gain weight no matter what, why not chill on the couch and not exercise and enjoy a huge pizza from the hut?

Thankfully I have an amazing wife who talked some sense into my head and yesterday I wore a shirt that I bought years and years ago but it never fit enough to actually wear in public.

I know that there is more to the journey than just the number on the scale but that number should have went down this week and there is no other way around that.


The key to Sharketo is to adapt and that is what I’m doing- I’m changing this week up. I’ve decided to move around my schedule and start eating my dinner the following day for breakfast, then a salad for lunch- take my pre-workout and MCT oil about 3:30 and then nothing else the rest of the night. My wife will make dinner and I’ll just put mine in the fridge and re-heat it the next morning for breakfast.

I’m going to eat a big meal for breakfast, a small meal (probably a salad) for lunch and then do “IF” from about 1pm to 6am the next day. That is a weird 17/7 eating schedule but it fits for me. I plan to try this for a few weeks to see I I can get through this stall. I did it this morning and even the wife was happy with it- we had plenty of time and weren’t rushed, like usual.

If this doesn’t work, I’ll have to continue to adapt until I find what does- I can’t go back and I can’t gain that 75 lbs. back…I’ve come to far and I need to realize it’s a long…..LONG road ahead…the journey is really just starting- this is only week 16!

So far, for April, I’m down 5.4 lbs and I have another 2 weeks to drop 4.6 lbs and it my goal…and that is WITH all of the gaining. As long as I hit 10 lbs lost per month, I’ll be satisfied with my progress…I don’t think that is asking too much of myself.

Here is some positive…at this point, I’m still averaging .69 lbs lost per day and 4.89 lbs lost per week. In order to hit my goal of 150 lbs. lost in 2018 I have to maintain 2.88 lbs lost per week so I’m still pretty ahead of that.

If you keep doing the basic keto lifestyle with some exercising and no cheat days, eventually your body will give in and you’ll get back to losing….I just need patience and consistency. It’s easier said than done and I realize that but my wife is supporting me and helping me through and I can always go back and read how far I’ve already come.

I’m not happy…I’m not highly motivated but I’m going to push through it and see that stupid number drop and it will all come rushing back. I know my motivation shouldn’t depend on that number and I’m trying to work through my issue to get to that point but it’s going to take a while.

This is it- you are getting The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of a weight loss journey….it’s a daily struggle.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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