What’s Hapfining 041718

Weight loss has slowed but it’s still there….I just gotta stay focused on how far I’ve already come. Huge thanks to my wife, Jackie, for supporting me and “talking me down off of the carb cliff”…still pushing forward. The best way to stay motivated is to look at some numbers.

76.8 lbs lost in 107 days.
.76 lbs per day.
5.12 lbs per week.
21.9 lbs per month.
5X t-shirts down to 3X t-shirts.

I’m riding the stationary bike way farther, faster and longer.
I no longer get out of breath coming up the steps- I actually don’t have much issue working out 40-60 minutes at a time. 3 months ago I almost had an anxiety attack from just walking up the steps and the lack of breath that resulted.

No surgery. Over 40. Pretty lazy. Food addict.

Every day is a struggle and I’ve got a long way to go; I’m a very impatient person and the weight loss slowing down is messing with my head but I gotta push through it.

I think the changes I made starting yesterday have already showed results and will help get me through this slow down/stall period.

I’m playing Fortnite when I want a quick game and Far Cry 5 when I just want to get lost in another world for hours and hours. Some Pokemon here and there and a few of our favorite shows- including finally catching up on Atlanta (amazing show). (Also playing Overwatch here and there as well.)

We donated 45,000 cards to a group called “2nd Chance- Pay It Forward” in Frankfort, KY over the weekend and have another 45,000 planned or the YMCA in Jessamine Co Kentucky and I’m hoping to drop off 100,000 this coming weekend- so Commons4Kids is back in full swing as well.

Other than that- I’m working and doing my best to stay away from the news and all that bad shit in the world.

Life is pretty good- I feel great and, for the first time, I truly think I can reach that goal of 200 lbs lost- only 123.2 lbs left to go.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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