The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I decided to be 100% honest on here and to show the full story of a fat guy trying to lose weight. Most people see the before and after picture and don’t really the effort that goes into that “and”. This is the single hardest thing a person has to do and while sticking to the routine may get easier, the mental situation gets harder because the weight loss slows down.

Have you ever been mad at your body? Not mad at yourself….made at your body. I have done everything right for the last several weeks- exercises, hit my MACROs, drank water, took my vitamins and electrolytes…I was DEAD ON and it’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs. I realize that I’m making this harder on myself by weighing every day but it’s something that I need to do.

I quit on Sunday morning…I gave up- I was annoyed, aggravated, angry and I had a Little Debbie’s Nutty Buddy and some milk and I had decided to just go back to the “old me”- I mean, if I can do everything right and gain weight….I could eat all the carbs I wanted and gain weight…either way- I’d be gaining weight.

With the help of my amazing wife and an energy drink, I got my motivation back and decided to just use yesterday as a “carb up day” and got some of the stuff I had been missing- Hersey’s Kisses and Pizza Hut.

I ate A LOT of carbs.

Now, this carb up isn’t the first thing I tried to break this “stall/weight gain”- I changed my eating times, changed my exercise…I did a ton of research and tried a bunch of stuff. I did an egg fast in March and I don’t think my body is ready for that again. I mowed and done a lot of yard work on Saturday, then installed 2 new toilets in our house and I ate perfectly and gained 3 lbs. overnight for no reason and that is what threw me over the edge.

I had already quit, in my head….I was finished.

But then my wife talked to me, I threw on a shirt I hadn’t wore in a long time (if ever) and I remember how I felt when I mowed last year and compared it to this year and decided that I can’t give up…today starts fresh and I start working my way back into Sharktosis. Hopefully the carb up with throw my body out of wack and I’ll get back into “The Good” of this journey.

This process is a long, draining journey that forces you to go through every single emotion a human is capable of feelings.

So…just how ugly has it been…let’s take a look.

The Good- January and February were amazing and showed me all the good that I could achieve.

The Bad – March quickly turned bad as my appendix burst and I almost died.

The Ugly – for the last 19 days, my weight has gone up and down almost daily with me landing at the exact spot I was 19 days ago – 366.4 lbs. That means I haven’t lost a single ounce in 19 days. 18 of those days I did perfectly. I’m not going to be one of those people that do the same thing for 3 months and not lose any weight- I understand that isn’t how this is supposed to work so something isn’t fitting together. Hopefully I just needed to throw some carbs in and hit the restart button.

Here is a picture to really show just how ugly the last 3 weeks have been- what makes it worse is when you’ve made your journey so public (in order to stay accountable) but then people start asking you “how much have you lost now” and you have to tell them that you are exactly where you were 3 weeks ago- it’s like they lose faith in you- they figure you have just failed again and it’s fucking bullshit because I didn’t- I did everything exactly right- I didn’t stop….I continued with NO results.

There is some good news coming back though – the wife and I finally found a recipe for amazing iced coffee and I’m still down 73.8 lbs over the last 4 months.

Mentally- I’m pretty broken down at this point but I’m focusing on making the best of this last week of April. When you look at the journey on a weekly basis I lost the .4 lbs this week, that I gained last week and I’m still down 5.8 lbs for the month and I still have a week to hit my 10 lbs. lost goal for April. It doesn’t look good but it’s possible.

The story continues…

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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