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Quick update since today is my weekly weigh in….not too much because tomorrow is my monthly weigh in, which is more important. I’ll do a “Cliff Notes” on the month over on SharkysWorld.com- you should check it out- if you don’t care about all the post, just catch up on the Cliff Notes.

I was in a stall for about 3 weeks, around 366.4 to 366.8 and weighing yourself every day of a stall…for 3 weeks is pretty draining mentally, but I got through it and I feel like I’m stronger now. I know if I just continue on Sharketo, eventually the weight will start dropping again.

So…quick recap.

Week 17 is complete and I’m down 80.8 lbs.- I’m down 7 lbs. this week! This week has been pretty great compared to the rest of April- I had 2 teeth cut out…maybe those weighed 7 lbs….who knows. J

I’m not almost 12 hours into my 36 hour fast and I’m doing pretty amazing- not hungry- hopefully I’m back to being “fat adapted”- I try to do a 24-36 hr fast at the end of every month so that I’m at my lowest and get a good base for where I’m actually at. I’m still drinking water but will stop about 6pm so I’ll get a good 12 hours to clear out my body. I’m on schedule for about 13 lbs weight loss for April which is above my 10 lbs goal….still on track to lose 100 lbs in 6 months!

Starting my new exercise schedule today and going to try to go all month without missing any workouts- if my body will stop losing parts and trying to kill me.

Other than that, life is about that same. Been playing a ton of Overwatch (taking a break from Far Cry 5 and Fortnite)- Overwatch is truly an amazing game!

I’ve noticed the weight loss in my face and my clothes are getting bigger and I’m still pretty happy with the Sharketo lifestyle.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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