Cliff Notes – Chapter Four

2018 – Mass Evolution
Chapter Four – PAUSE (Apr)

April was another rough month but not for the same reasons as March- there was one health issue- I had to have 2 teeth pulled and it did cause me to miss a few days of exercise but I used that time to come up with a more Sharketo friendly exercise program focused more on weights and HIIT on the bike and boxing. After researching, I’ve realized I should be lifting heavier weights for short amounts of reps/sets instead of the lighter weights for longer reps/sets and I shouldn’t focus on doing longer cardio but “spurts”- going really hard for a minute and resting and repeating for about 30 minutes.

Evolution doesn’t come quick- it takes a long, LONG time and sometimes it hits a “pause” where everything just slows down for a bit. Based on the monthly numbers, you wouldn’t think I hit a pause during April because I dropped 15 lbs for the month but that drop came at the beginning and end of the month…the middle was BRUTAL.

The middle of April was so bad that I basically gave up for a day and had candy and pizza but my wife pushed me to not give up totally and I review and remember where I started and where I am now and it’s been a huge success….even if I was around the same weight for 3 weeks straight.

There isn’t really a lot to cover for April- I had one “cheat day” but I did amazing the other days and I worked out most of the month, only missing for my teeth issue.

I started my new workout plan yesterday and I ended April with a successful 36 hour fast- I think I’m already back into being fat adapted because I really didn’t get hungry until about 28 hours in but that was right before bed so I just went to sleep and it was good.

Here are the numbers so far –

4 months.
17 weeks.
120 days.
83 lbs lost.
18.8% of my weight lost.
41.5% of my way towards my goal.
Avg of 20.75 lbs per month.
Avg of 4.88 lbs per week.
Avg of .69 lbs per day.

I would call that pretty successful but I need to remember that it’s not about speed but consistency and health. It’s going to slow down and I’m going to be putting in more work for less weight loss and the closer I get to my goal (and beyond), the harder it’s going to get- the more frustrating because I’m getting use to the success.

Actual current weight is 357.2 lbs.

As one chapter ends…another one begins. Now on to Chapter Five.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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