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Sharketo is amazing because…it’s mine (and YES, it can be yours too!)

I got really tired of seeing people ask “is this acceptable” on all those keto theme Facebook pages- people that didn’t want to do the research themselves- the ones looking for the simple answer. They want people to tell them exactly what to eat and drink and exactly what exercise to do and that isn’t what Sharketo is about.

Sharketo is about taking the basic “keto” principle and adapting it to fit YOU- YOU are the most important part of Sharketo.

Keto is simply short for ketosis; which is a metabolic state reached by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body tissues. You can get your body into a state of ketosis by lowering your carbs (usually under 20g per day) and eating mostly fat and hitting a middle ground with protein.

You have your “keto Nazis” out there who found…or came up with a very strict way to get your body into ketosis and keep it there and that is GREAT- for them. (example- you can’t have any wheat on keto!!! WRONG. I’ve been in ketosis, had wheat and STAYED in ketosis. Someone people may not be able to but nothing is ever true for “all”.)(also…you will have people then say “well famous DR…..says this and that…..well famous DR didn’t create keto- it’s been around for centuries.)

Some folk do what they call “lazy keto” and they don’t really follow all of the strict keto stuff and this is where you start seeing wars online. You start getting contradicting answers and information. Go ahead and try to post a picture of “sugar free candy” on one of those groups and watch the nukes fly! (No…seriously…I DARE you to try it!)

Sharketo isn’t about all of that; it’s about YOU.

YOU are going to have to make Sharketo a daily focus and YOU are going to have to put in the work- do the research and use YOURSELF as your test subject because we are all different. One thing may knock you out of ketosis while another person could eat it daily and be fine.

There is NO defined answer….the only goal is to get yourself into ketosis.

I started way back in 2017 with keto and I tried it their way and I failed- this was too strict or that was too lazy and I had some small success but couldn’t maintain it. I researched this and that and tried this food and that fake sugar and then watched my weight daily. (as well as ketone levels)

I had a decent game plan and decided to go for it after Christmas 2017- give myself about a week to fully change over to Sharketo and then take it from January 1st, 2018 and do the best I could.

I’ve had issues come up over the last four months like a burst appendix and a 3 week stall but I adapted to get through those issues. I’ve been weighing myself daily, which allows me to stay focused on what I’m doing daily and if I hit a stall, then I can review what I’ve done the last week or so and adapt to it.

I was drinking an energy drink every single day and hit that 3 week stall- I removed those and went back to a coffee with some sugar free creamer and sugar free syrup and the stall broke. I now have knowledge that too many energy drinks may stall me. I adapted and I’m moving on. A few energy drinks here and there…maybe 2 a week and we’ll see what happens.

Don’t be one of those asshats who ask “is this acceptable?”


You live in the age of unlimited knowledge (and ignorance). Research it- read it, watch videos, listen to podcasts…take in all of the information you can cram in and set up a plan YOU can live with and then always remember that this is a “living” way of living. What I mean by that is- you have to allow it to adapt to your life- it has to be able to change with your body because you want it to be something you can maintain for a long period of time. When someone asks me what I did to lose 80 lbs. in 4 months, I can’t really tell them. My answer is Sharketo and exercise…but it’s SOOOO much more than that.

What I’m doing now is NOT what I did back in January.

You can add foods (if they fit your MACROs) and then watch your weight to see how that food affects it- learn YOUR body- not someone else’s.

Let’s be totally honest here…I don’t give a shit if you agree with and/or like what I’m doing to lose weight.

I just saw a clip of Steve Harvey (don’t get me started on that shitty person) and Jillian Michaels bashing keto and how unhealthy it is.

Well…guess what there “Scam Queen”…I’m thinking being 440 lbs was pretty unhealthy as well. I’m sorry that keto is cutting into your pill/powder sells but that’s life. This is the same girl that was on The Biggest Loser and pushed people to not eat and work out 8 hours a day…I’m not thinking that is too healthy. (Put it didn’t really cut into her pill/powder sells so she was OK with it.)

I can’t tell you how to lose weight- I can only tell you what I’M doing to lose weight. I can tell you that there are a ton of different ways to be successful- all with pros/cons- so research them. Take what you like from this one and that one and form your own and then let it adapt to something that works…and when that stops working, allow it to adapt. If you are eating a Snickers a day and not losing weight…maybe remove the Snickers- that’s all I’m saying really.

I lost 112 lbs in 13 months back in 2005 and I was miserable- I was counting calories and exercising like crazy and it worked but I was unhappy and couldn’t maintain it so I gained it all back…plus 28 lbs on top.

I’ve hit the 80 lbs. mark in 4 months on Sharketo and the difference is that I’m happy….ecstatic honestly. I can’t say I’ll never have 200-300 carbs again in a day but hopefully I’ve learned to use that as a cheat day and get right back on it the next day because I don’t feel like I’m torturing myself any longer.

It’s taken me almost 25 years of research and experimenting to find Sharketo- something that makes me happy, I can live with and gets me results.

It’s working because I stopped asking people for answers and found them myself…its working because it’s MINE and I control what I can/can’t do…what I will/won’t do.

Make it yours….hell…just take your name and put eto at the end…I don’t give a shit. (you are also free to use Sharketo if you want.)

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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