Non-Scale Victory.

Once you start trying to lose weight for a long period of time, you start noticing a few things…well, you notice a ton of things but there are two things that I want to write about today – the scale and clothes.

The scale is a great tool in keeping you on track and I weigh daily in order to keep myself accountable and to try to find spots where I can improve. I’ve done it daily for over 4 months now and I can tell when I’m going to gain or lose- I can actually feel it. I know that bad habits I still have that will lead to the scale going up- too much sugar free candy, too much snacking through the day, not sticking to my 18/6 IF and eating too late-which I did all of over the weekend…which resulted in the scale going up 5 lbs over two days. (10 lbs if you count the time I stepped on BEFORE bed.)

I can’t say it wasn’t frustrating or that I didn’t get highly annoyed but I did know that I couldn’t have possibly gained 10 lbs. in two days. I was still eating Sharketo friendly foods and didn’t have any cheats so that wasn’t a true weight. At this point, I’m back down to about 4 lbs. gained but I still don’t feel like that is legit- I think if I stick to the correct plan, I’ll be back down to where I was in no time…and then some.

So…while the scale is great, sometimes it can be full of shit…so folks who are trying to lose weight look for NSVs- a way to truly see that you are still losing inches, even if the scale says different. The scale could go up to lack of sleep, stress or retained water.

The problem is….all clothes are NOT created equal.

On 01.01.2018 I was wearing 4x-5x shirts and size 56 pants- today I’m wearing 2x-3x shirts and size 50 pants.

Or am I?

I can put on a 3x shirt and it won’t even fit over my stomach but then I can put on a different type/brand 2x and it fit perfectly! I have a ton o 3x shirts with about half fighting, a few that feel too big and a few that I can’t even get on. It doesn’t make any sense and it’s just as frustrating as the scale.

Overall though, the shirts I was wearing when I started now “swallow” me and I look like a kid playing dress up but I still wear them because that is what I’m used to and what I have. I still have a closet full of clothes that I’ve bought for that day I could fit into them and slowly I’m adding a few here and there. I bought a bunch of stuff back when I lost 112 lbs in 2005 because I would “never” be back to where I was….and then I was back where I was and I couldn’t wear them- many still with tags. Thankfully they were just blue jeans and t-shirts and those never really go out of style.

It does feel really good to throw on a shirt that hasn’t fit in a decade and have it feel a little big on you and that happened over the weekend.

It does feel really good to throw on those pair of blue jeans you’ve been trying for the last month…but never fit…and have them button. Still a little snug but I’m wearing them.

All of the NSVs feel amazing….but, like most overweight people, I can’t get passed that scale….can’t get passed that “number”. People, who are trying to be supportive, don’t ask “what size shirt are you wearing now??”- they ask “so, how much have you lost now???”

My answer gets to be that I’ve gained 4 lbs. …pretty shitty, huh?

I’m trying to focus on the positive and, based on my weekly weigh ins I was only up a 1 lb for the week and I’m already lower today than I was the previous weigh in- so, if today was Monday (instead of Tuesday), I would have lost .2 lbs for the week…but hey….I’m already down 1.2 lbs for this week!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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