Taco Bell

I had a carb heavy meal last night after my son’s Spring Band Concert and it was delicious.

I did have a cheat meal and it wasn’t planned but it wasn’t an “I’m annoyed at this weight loss and I’m going off the deep end.” It was a decision based on the stall that I had for 3 weeks and then have seem to fallen back into- it felt like the right time. I had been seeing Taco Bell commercials and it looked yummy and I just felt like I needed to knock myself out of ketosis so that I could start working on getting back into it.

This is NOT the normal way to do keto but I’m doing Sharketo so I doez what I wantz.

I checked this morning and, in fact, it completely kicked me out and I almost instantly felt it. I won’t lie to you like a lot of these people; after doing Sharketo for 4 months, Taco Bell still tasted amazing- food or not.

Maybe some people experience the sensation of having “bad” food start tasting terrible but I have not….I will say that I was instantly tired and not just tired but wore out….can’t pick myself up off the couch tired. I was also in a lot of pain- it felt like I had just finished a long weight lifting day and I was just sore all over. I slept a lot harder and it was really rough getting up this morning. It’s like the energy was zapped away and I overall felt sluggish, tired and sore.

I started the day off with a Powerade Zero to throw some electrolytes into me and get me moving- I’ll have a normal lunch at 12-12:30pm and then do my weekly 24 hour fast from 12:30pm (Wed) to 12:30pm (Thurs). I’ll have lunch on Thurs and get back into my IF 18/6. Hopefully I’ll be back into ketosis by Monday and then work towards getting back to fat adapted and, hopefully, it will be enough to get my body losing again.

I gained 1.2 lbs from yesterday (but I had lost 1.2 lbs the night before) so there wasn’t much instant effects on my weight.

I’m trying to be 100% honest with myself here…..while Taco Bell did taste amazing, I almost instantly felt physically worse and my wife said something that really hit home- “yea, you use to ALWAYS feel like that.”

So…while Taco Bell tasted great, I need to understand that Sharketo makes me feel great. I’m not going to say “I’ll never carb up again” or “I’m never eating bad fast food again” because I really do see this as a long term way of life and I do still enjoy things like Taco Bell…just now the way it makes me feel.

I’m not suggesting that anyone have a carb up or knock themselves out of ketosis- if you have read my past stuff, you will know that I’m trying to learn my body and doing what works for me…not anyone else.

The beauty of it all is that I’m not going to gain back the 85 lbs. I’ve lost from this Taco Bell trip and today is the start of a new section of the life long journey.

Love, Peace and Sharkness

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