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It has been a very rough month to weigh yourself daily- Out of 14 days so far, I’ve lost on 7 of the days and gained on 7 of the days with a monthly gain of 2.8 lbs! It’s even more frustrating because I’ve been as low as 355 lbs but I’m at 360 lbs right now…which means I need to drop 20 lbs. in 1.5 months to hit my goal of 100 lbs lost in 6 months and if I don’t hit that I’m going to be pretty upset. I honestly thought I would be able to do it in 5 months but that doesn’t seem possible at this point.

Here is the problem- I changed up my work out and I’ve only been doing cardio 2 days a week (walking 5 days) and lifting weights 3 days a week and while I haven’t lost any weight, I’m wearing clothes that didn’t fit just a few weeks ago and I can actually notice bigger muscles and that is awesome; however, I should still be losing weight based on my size and what I’m eating….so, what’s the problem?

Well….I think it’s energy drinks, sugar free candy and diet soda. SOOOOOO none of that for at least the next 2 weeks because I am not going to have a month where I gain weight.

I’ve watched the videos by Dr. Berg and I’ve done the research but based on what I’m trying to accomplish, I have to disagree with them. I was doing cardio daily for about 4 months and drop 80 lbs and then I switched it up and I’ve stalled/gained weight for the 2 weeks that I’ve done it. Starting today I’m going back to my old workout schedule of walking 5 days, cardio 5 days and weights 3 days- the cardio was working for me and I need to get back to that.

I’ve also decided to stop weighing daily as of July 1st; that will mark the end of a full 6 months and I feel like I’ve learned what I wanted to learn and I’m focusing too much on daily weights and stressing about it for no reason. Once I hit 100 lbs lost the weight loss will slow down and the transformation will switch to toning and building muscle (while still losing weight…just not as fast) and I need to focus on the change…not the scale.

Starting July 1st, I’m going to weigh in weekly on Sunday morning since that is the day the 1st is on and Sundays are my most stressful days due to personal issues- those are the days I usually over do it on the “bad stuff”- not cheating but too much “keto friendly” candy, etc.

I’ve got 6 weeks to drop 20 lbs. and starting today, I’m getting strict and focusing on hitting that goal; once I hit that goal, then I can change up my focus.

I’m not gonna lie though, being able to go to Wal-Mart and buy a 3x shirt for $7.50 and putting it on and wearing it feels a lot better than buying a $40 shirt at the big and tall store or ordering stuff online!

Hey….the good news, I’m actually down .4 lbs for the week so that is a loss!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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