Busting Boulders

You ever bust your ass, fight temptation, ignore bullsit, struggle through not seeing the results for the work you know you are putting in, deal with needless stress and then BOOM….

88 lbs down in 4.5 months.
12 lbs to the half way mark when everything changes.
Finally finding something I can live with.
And Deadpool 2 tonight.

Sometimes you prove to yourself that you can do something no one thought you could… not even yourself… and you just want to scream FUCK ..at the top of your lungs…. but in a good way.

I decided to make huge changes this year and life has tried to stop me at every turn and it’s given me every single excuse I needed to NOT even try any more and that is why this time is different…..I don’t need to find excuse to stay fat and unhealthy, they have dropped on me like a fucking boulder but this time…I didn’t use them….I just smashed the boulder and continued on.

No more excuses needed.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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