Big Week

I’ve said Sharketo is all about finding what works for you- you do the research but then you put that research into place and try to figure out how your body reacts to it. I did just that and had a HUGE week.

I know you have to give work out routines a few weeks to see any type of result but after two weeks of doing the suggested keto workout, I just didn’t feel it and the scale wasn’t showing it. I dropped cardio down to every other day and focused mostly on weights but I didn’t feel like I was really working out and I had a stall the entire time. I may have gained some muscle but not enough to reflect what the scale was saying.

Last week, I went back to cardio 5 days a week and BOOM….I dropped 8.2 lbs. – I had dropped .6 lbs over the two weeks without all the cardio.

I do understand that a huge focus should be on weight lifting and I will switch up the routine once I get closer to my goal weight but I need to focus on weight LOSS right now- I need to get this fat off of me first. I’m not going to quit lifting weights, just sticking with MORE cardio for now…still the same weight lifting routine of three days a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) and as I get closure to my goal weight, I can cut some cardio and build on weight lifting but I’m not there yet.

This week really helped make up for the really rough 2-3 weeks prior…I still have a long way to go over the next 1.5 weeks…I still need to drop another 4-5 lbs to hit my monthly goal of 10 lbs per month and while it sounds like no problem, I spent most of May stalled around the same numbers so it’s not as easy as it sounds…but hopefully that stall is over and it just keeps dropping.

I’m 11.6 lbs away from hitting the 100 lbs lost mark and I need to keep pushing towards that as hard as possible and that means more cardio for the new few weeks. Once I get under that 340.2 mark, then stalls won’t bother me as much and I can adjust things to focus on changing the next 100 lbs into muscle.

This week is going to be pretty strict with no diet pop, no sugar free candy, 16/8 IF and NO snacks after 6:30pm…period. I would love to have another huge week and be able to hit that 100 lbs lost mark in only 5 months. (6 months is the actual goal though).

I really like having the numbers to show all of my hard work and I know that is going to stop here soon because the work won’t be noticed in the numbers but in how I look/feel and how clothes fit but for now, here is a quick breakdown.

88.4 lbs lost in 20 weeks of Sharketo completed for an average of 4.42 lbs per week.
88.4 lbs lost in 141 days of Sharketo completed for an average of .62 lbs per day.

I’ve lost 20% of my overall weight which is 1% per week and I’m 44.2% of the way towards my overall goal of 200 lbs lost.

These numbers are amazing and highly motivating, which is why I’ve been weighing everyday but I really need to focus myself on the NSV for the next 100 lbs because all of these averages will drop…the more weight I loss, the slower it’s going to get an the harder. I just need to remember to stick with it and catch any slip ups quickly and not allow myself to get back where I was.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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